Name That Town

I’ve decided to change the name of the town in Mystery series. Originally, it was named after my hometown. That’s the actual setting. But after killing off quiet a few characters and causing others to partake in questionable activities, I should probably change the town name.

I want something memorable and Southern. Easy to remember is a must.

About the town:

  • small, less than 6,000 people
  • on the banks of various creeks and bayous. All are part of the Mobile River Delta
  • At one time, a large Satsuma grove gave the town it’s real name (Satsuma).
  • The local wildlife includes: deer, bears, alligators, and many small mammals
  • Until the last few years there were only mom and pop stores and two stop lights
  • at last count 6 Christian churches, maybe more
  • Seasonal activities include: Swamp Fest (yes, that’s a real thing.), holiday parades, Fall Festival

If you have a better name, please respond in comments.


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