Tales of Christmas in the South, Miniature Desires

Blurb: Tales of Christmas in the South, is a collection of three short stories. All three stories reflect different aspects of the holiday season. Enjoy laughter, tears, and the magic of Christmas in one volume Tales from Christmas in the South - High Resolution .

Tales of Christmas in the South,is available from Amazon. $0.99

Includes the never before published, Miniature Desires. Spinster Ms. Stallworth has a hard time with the modern world. Bombarded with tacky blowup Santas and inconsiderate children, she dreams of being part of the Christmas village she displays each holiday season.
Background: The idea for Miniature Desires was born after I started working at the local Christmas store. I’ve been a Christmas freak since birth and working in a store that was always Christmas, was a dream or nightmare if you’re my husband. One segment of the Christmas industry I had no experience with was the ceramic Christmas village. I was amazed when the houses were shipped, people flooded the store to buy the new pieces. I’d talk to the collectors and it didn’t take much prodding for them to pull out their phones and show photos of these massive displays that take over their house every Christmas season. They had neighborhoods, business districts, cars, and street lights. It was a perfect miniature of a small town. Their version of a perfect Christmas.

So what would happen if a cranky old lady had on of these displays? What if it wasn’t just a display? What if there was a little Christmas magic? You’ll have to read the story to find out!

In honor of Miniature Desires, I surfed Youtube for a perfect example of a Christmas village. I have no connection with the person who filmed the village and hopefully he/she won’t mind me sharing it with you.

Happy Reading,


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