October is Geek Month- Comic Book Fun

OK, that’s not a real thing, but it should be. We are totally geeking out at my house. October will have the premiere of the new Supergirl show. My youngest can’t wait. It’s also free Comic Book day on October 31. If that’s not enough, Marvel should be through with destroying the universe and sending out new titles soon.  I’m loving October.  Then I came across a preview for a new show starting next year, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. I can’t even explain how excited I am over that! Catch the video below.

All this talk of Super Heroes and comic books leads me to a few issues I have with them.

I’m not the prime demographics for comics, I understand that.


  1. Female superheroes should wear more clothes. A casual reader to comics might infer that female supers have indestructible skin, based on their lack of clothes. I’ve spent a lot of time in swim suits, even bikini’s in my youth, those things do not stay in place with physical activity. And really, bustiers and corsets! Emma Frost would pass out from the lack of oxygen.
  2. Have you tried running in high heels? All comic artist should be forced to run in high heels. It’s terribly uncomfortable and hazardous. These women are already top heavy, how in the world do they stay upright while running in heels!
  3. Put it in a bun!  All that hair would get in the way. I’ve seen football players yank hair, I know the Joker wouldn’t pass up a good yank. Storm had the right idea, mohawk!
  4. Crazy Dimensions. This goes for male and female heroes. The physical dimensions are insane. I want to see a comparison of a hero to a real person. We all know Barbie’s  not possible. Seriously, some of those women would never be able to run without giving themselves a black eye.


I love comics. Rogue is my favorite. Enjoy the trailer.

Who’s your favorite Super Hero?

One thought on “October is Geek Month- Comic Book Fun

  1. I have to agree that most superhero female clothes are not awesome. My new in town comic store is going to have a big bash on Halloween and we’re excited. And LEGENDS OF TOMORROW has been something we’re excited about too! As is Constantine’s appearance on ARROW some time soon (either ep 4 or 5, I forget which). I want to catch SUPERGIRL, but my husband is not as into it, so it might pass (it is hard for me to keep up with shows I watch solo).

    Halloween is a perfect geek month, though. It has the ones day a year lots of people cosplay. 😉


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