NaNoWriMo Survival Kit

NaNo is next week. The day after Halloween my behind will be in a chair writing. Before I can do that I need my survival kit.

Caren’s Survival Kit

  1. Chocolate! Loads and loads of chocolate. After church on Nov 1 I will be at Target buying discount candy. You never know how many trick-or-treaters we’ll have, so I can’t count on having leftovers. Sugar =success.
  2. Caffeine–  Coffee, tea, coke you name it. I plan on stock piling it all. I’m starting ahead with freezing double strength coffee in ice cubes to make frozen coffee shakes.
  3. Crock pot meals– let’s face it. If I’m writing I’m not cooking. That means it’s goin’ in a crock pot. Stock up on veggies and chunks of meat that can be magically turned into a meal without much work from me.
  4. Grab and Go snacks–  Granola, yogurt,popcorn, and pretzels are perfect munchies to eat while writing. Can’t survive on chocolate alone…or so I’ve heard. Bonus points for treats that are not messy and can be eaten with one hand.
  5. Music– I just loaded up my Ipod with new tunes. I’m on the search for Halloween inspired music since my NaNo project is set during Halloween. Music is great inspiration.  Also good for spontaneous dance parties when the stress is too much.
  6. Writing Buddy– Everything’s better with a buddy.  Kitty is mine. I know her name’s not very original, especially for a writer! She’s always ready to curl up next to me when I start working.


I think those are the important things. Besides lots of writing supplies and reference materials.

What’s in your survival kit?


4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Survival Kit

  1. I’m not attempting NaNo this year, but this is a great list. I would say coffee and tea are my must-haves for writing. Quick lunches so I don’t have to spend too much of my writing day preparing food are another. And, of course, every writer needs chocolate. And a feline to share their writing day with. Good luck with NaNo!


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