Book Nerd Problems

I am a book nerd. Please let me know if there is a 12 step program for that. I love the library and my Kindle. Thanks to author groups, I have found multiple sites that send me daily/weekly emails about book sales.


After years and years of reading, I’ve developed a few quirks.

Book Nerd Problems:

  1. There’s just not enough time to read them all.  I go to the library once a week. I never read all of the books I check out. At the bookstore I have to limit the number I bring home. Especially, if the kids are with me. They want books too. I’ve met lots of Indie authors and I try to buy their e-books. But I  can’t read them all. My TBR list just reflects my interests at the moment. Today, my library haul included only Fantasy and YA (fantasy). Last time, it was all mystery. The time before that, cookbooks. You get the point.
  2. I can’t keep them all straight.  Before I discovered GoodReads, I kept a notebook of books I read and if I liked it. Even with GoodReads, I still can’t remember if I started to read a book and gave up. I know I’ve checkout some books multiple times, because I DNF it. I need a list of books that are DNF because I didn’t like it or just wasn’t in the mood. DNF- did not finish
  3. Boring covers. I pick books by the cover. I know I know, Don’t judge a book...  I do and always will. The cover should be interesting and reflect the story. I know when I see a half naked man on the cover holding a sword, that book is a historical romance. Translation: lots of naked people inside and a little bit of history. A sparse/simple cover is fine. Sometimes that’s more effective than a busy cover. This is particularly true of ebooks. I was distraught once, I check out a book with a mermaid on the cover but there were NO mermaids inside! Don’t tease me!
  4. Names I can’t pronounce. This is aimed mainly at Fantasy books. It gets annoying to read a book with character/place names I can’t pronounce. It takes me out of the story and I usually end up throwing the book aside without finishing it. I understand you want unusual and interesting names, but as a reader I want/need to be able to pronounce it.
  5. A Cast of thousands. I’m a huge history buff. I love to read a lengthy tome based on historical events. But when the characters need four pages in the beginning of the book, just to tell me who’s who. We have a problem. Sometimes, too many characters make it more difficult to stay in the story. Sarum held a family tree because the book covered the entire history of a small area in England (I think).
  6. Which book is this? I love to read a series. Fantasy and mysteries are my favorite. But I like to start with number one. Even if the books can be read alone, I like to start at the beginning. Please put the number somewhere on the spine or cover. Tell me which series it is. I was reminded of this when I read The Misfortune Cookie by Laura Resnick.  It was book 6 in the Esther Diamond series. I read it anyway, because I loved the cover.  But then I had to search high and low to find book 1. According to Amazon, only a few were left. I think Amazon lies to me.
  7. I’m Not in the Mood! I’m a mood reader. If I’m not in the mood for a book I won’t read it no matter how good it is. Which is why I haven’t read beyond page 10 in Game of Thrones Book1. This is problematic when I finish a book in a series and I’m all fired up to read the next book…which will not be out for another year. Hopefully, I’ll still be in the mood when it’s released.
  8. I love graphics. Like my children, I get excited when I find a book with a map or cool graphics hidden within the book. I’m not talking about fully illustrated books. I mean like Harry Potter. In some editions there were little graphics at the start of a chapter. I love those. If it’s historical or fantasy I love to flip back to the maps. Lord of the Rings had a map of Middle Earth. As I read I’d flip to the map and see exactly where Frodo was on his journey. It’s like I’m the navigator on a road trip.
  9. Easter Eggs. Sometimes when you read, the author adds little extras at the end. Cozies do this a lot. They always include something central to the theme: recipes, storage tips, etc… I love those. I think it was Divergent that included a play list. You know I looked up all of those songs.

What are your biggest book nerd problems?



One thought on “Book Nerd Problems

  1. I am the same way with books in a series. I like to start with the first one. It’s crazy annoying to go to the library and they only have book 18 or some crap.

    I also love maps and the like. I do the same thing with the navigation thing. It helps bring the story to life.


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