Boo- Lafayette Cemetery, New Orleans

Happy Halloween

It seems that cemeteries on Halloween are a running theme with me. The Lafayette Cemetery is famous. Play the music as you read.


Lafayette Cemetery is an above ground cemetery built in 1833 and it was the second Protestant cemetery in New Orleans. You know how dangerous Protestants are! Sorry, bad joke. Yellow Fever almost filled it up by 1840. The tombs are usually used by entire families for generations. Each person interred has their name carved into the stonework.

100_9639These above ground cemeteries have been called Cities of the Dead. And with good reason. It’s laid out in neat rows. It feels like a miniature city as you navigate the avenues. A rather creepy city.




The dead are buried above ground because New Orleans is a bowl. It floods. Crypts keep the dead contained and not floating down the street.




New Orleans is famous for it’s cemeteries and funerals. Honestly, who wouldn’t want a jazz band and second line at their funeral? I want one.

The Lafayette Cemetery is famous. Anne Rice used the cemetery for the backdrop of several scenes from Interview with the Vampire. She also held a fake funeral to promote her book, Memnoch the Devil.

If that isn’t enough, The Originals (TV), features the cemetery. I will admit, the only reason I have wat


ched that show is because it shows New Orleans, and I love New Orleans.   I don’t know what happened to the resident of this tomb. Any ideas?

Hope you all have a great Halloween. Don’t stay out too late, NaNoWriMo starts in the morning! Don’t eat too much candy.

Do you have a favorite cemetery?


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