NaNo is Here

I hope everyone survived Halloween. We had a great time before the rain started. Today was a perfect storm, pun intended. Woke up too early, time change, that allowed me to get a start on NaNoWriMo and make it to church on time. I love productive mornings. So on to Row80, surf over to the hub and leave a word of encouragement to the other participants.

I skipped Row80 Wednesday. We woke up with a limb protruding from our roof. That was lovely. Thankfully that was the only damage and my husband is extremely handy.  By lunch time the hole was patched. On the downside we have a monster Oak that needs to come down and I see a new roof in our future.

1. Start revisions of book 2 in my Dragonfly Mystery Series-
I’ve completed one read through. It needs lots of work. Goal is to revise/edit the first 100 pages- This is the NaNo project from last year. No new progress.
2. Send out queries for Dead in the Water-
Not yet. Procrastination!
3. Plan one new short story- No new progress, have a novel idea instead!
4. Edit/Revise Mystic Brew–  Dragging my feet.
5. Finish plotting Book 3 in my Dragonfly Mystery Series I have an idea of what’s going to happen. This will be what I write for NaNoWriMo, so I have to do this in October- Done
6. Participate in NaNoWriMo and write 50,000 words- Woke up early and wrote 1335 words. Nice start. After I finish this post I am getting back to writing.
7. Read 8 books that’s for the whole round 4.   I’m on track I’ve read 5 .
8. Be a good human and socialize online Goal- Check
9. Be a good Baptist and join a Wednesday night group– Yeah, I’m think this may not happen
10. Finish my daughter’s bedroomWe’ve painted the closet/desk/bookcase a nice sea-foam green and the doors are being put on today.

Not on my Row80 goals but I spent several days plotting a new novel, possible series, and doing promotion. I think I did OK. I’m easily distracted and live has a way of causing issues. I’m a firm believer in any progress is good progress.

How is your progress?


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