Reading, the gift that keeps giving

I was reminded this week how reading influences every segment of our lives. I read for enjoyment. I love it. My oldest took slowly to reading, it took awhile for her to find the books that would eventually light her imagination and spark the reading passion. My youngest was different. After months of trying to devour books (literally!) she discovered reading them was more fun. She will read anything.

Both girls are now in middle school. Fun! My oldest brought home a 6 page study guide for Scholars Bowl. Ouch! Tiny print, front and back. Being the nerd I am, I got excited. This is our first experience with Scholars Bowl and don’t know what to expect. They are still weeding out the group before they keep the last few brave kids willing to take on the challenge.

What does reading have to do with this?

My kids love fantasy books. They are/have read the Percy Jackson series and Harry Potter, among others. As I flipped through the information, yes I was giddy. The first part covers…..Greek mythology. My youngest couldn’t contain her enthusiasm.  More than a few of the monsters listed are mentioned prominently in Percy Jackson.  Thank you Rick Riordan for helping prepare her for this part of the challenge.

The next section included well known authors/books in Speculative fiction. Such as Mary Shelley, Jules Verne, H.G.Wells, etc.. My youngest almost burst a blood vessel over that one. She loves Verne.

There were other pages of non reading related topics, but the point I am trying to make is this: Reading has already prepared them for learning the material. They’ve been exposed to the subject out of there own exploration of the library and personal interests. If they didn’t read for enjoyment, their world would be so much smaller.

As Thanksgiving draws near I am thankful that my children enjoy reading and that they have access to books at home, school, and the local library.

As a writer, this encourages me. In the age of instant gratification and hi tech toys, it’s nice to know that the future generation still reads.

How has reading opened your world?



2 thoughts on “Reading, the gift that keeps giving

    • My mom was a serious reader. As a kid I stuck mainly to “kid” books, until I got a hold of a Mary Higgins Clark mystery. Now, I’m hooked for life! I did get a hold of her ancient copy of Gone With the Wind. I did a book report on it in 7th grade, just so I could cuss in class and not get into trouble! Happy Thanksgiving.


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