Happy Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the US and I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. I am writing this as my turkey is roasting in the oven and my cranberries are boiling away. Yummy!

This is a time for gratitude and thanksgiving. In a time of nasty politics and devastating events, I think it’s even more important for use to stop and take stock of what we truly have. In reality, we could be a lot worse off. Our country has been blessed.

In that spirit, this is what I am thankful for (abridged version). I am thankful for all of my family and friends, real and imagined. I am thankful that we are able to celebrate together and are basically healthy. I’m also thankful that we can send my kids to a Baptist school. I’m very thankful that I have an understanding husband who doesn’t mind eating leftovers for the entire month of November so I can write. He’s also very understanding and hasn’t called the police for my day dreaming how to murder people! I’m thankful that my girls do not bend to peer pressure and are geeky, smart, and love to read. I am thankful for parents and in-laws that are loving and supportive and truly enjoy spending time with us and their grand-kids. I am thankful for the most spectacular pack of nieces and nephews an aunt could ask for. I thank God daily for the many gifts he has blessed me and my family with.

What are you thankful for today?

On with the Row80 goals:

1. Start revisions of book 2 in my Dragonfly Mystery Series-
I’ve completed one read through. It needs lots of work. Goal is to revise/edit the first 100 pages- I think it’s safe to say this ain’t happening until later….
3. Plan one new short story- Done.
4. Edit/Revise Mystic Brew–  Done.
5. Finish plotting Book 3 in my Dragonfly Mystery Series I have an idea of what’s going to happen. This will be what I write for NaNoWriMo, so I have to do this in October- Done
6. Participate in NaNoWriMo and write 50,000 words-  41,566 I’m a little behind on my word count. I planned on taking today off, but I am so close to the end. My hubby is taking the kids away so I have a few hours while the turkey roasts to write.

7. Read 8 books that’s for the whole round 4.    Done!
8. Be a good human and socialize online Goal- Barely. NaNo comes before socializing.
9. Be a good Baptist and join a Wednesday night group– Yeah, I’m think this may not happen
10. Finish my daughter’s bedroom The wall is up! yippee. It’s still not move in ready but we are getting there.My daughter moved all of her books into the bookcase. She couldn’t wait. She checked the paint several times a day and didn’t understand why she need to let paint cure!

How are your goals going?


3 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving. We finally made the switch to the church we were going to start going to, it’s the church from my childhood. I found a Bible Study group that meets once a month on Saturday. So hopefully I will follow through. An old friend says I AM going, so I think I have to now 🙂

    your goals look great, good luck on your NaNo finish


  2. I’m thankful for oh so many things. Foremost among them is that I’ve used the abuses and dysfunctions in my family of origin as the catalyst for creating a family life that makes our little home feel like an oasis in a time of chaos.

    I’ve finished three fairly major goals in the past week or so, and am using the rest of the month to attempt to polish off a few more shorter-term goals, and make progress on a longer one or two.

    May you enjoy your Thanksgiving, and your writing! =)


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