Goodbye Round 4

I hope y’all had a wonderful Christmas. We did. I can honestly say, I’ve had enough sweets. My husband is laughing, he doesn’t believe me. But it’s true. We’ve had two birthday parties, one Christmas party, and two Christmas celebrations. I am done with sweets and want a monster salad.

It was an odd Christmas, the warmest since my childhood. It was a humid 75*. not only did I break out the shorts but I ran the A/C nonstop. No white Christmas here.


Merry Christmas from the Southern snowman.

This is the last round of Row8o for the year. I totally ran off the tracks about two weeks ago. Kids are out of school and Christmas took over everything. It’s OK, we have enjoyed hanging out. Be sure to check out the other blogs and leave a word of encouragement. Here are my goals.

1.Start revisions of book 2 in my Dragonfly Mystery Series-. Nothing, same 12 pages. I failed at this, let’s be honest. Only 12 pages! I don’t do well with multitasking. This will be a top priority after the new year. My sweet hubby bought me a new set of multi-colored gel pens just for editing 🙂

2.Send out queries for Dead in the Water- I did send one out. I’ve sent many out over the last two years. I’ve decided to self-publish. Hopefully, it will be ready early summer.
3. Plan one new short story- Done.
4. Edit/Revise Mystic Brew–  Done.
5. Finish plotting Book 3 in my Dragonfly Mystery Series I have an idea of what’s going to happen. This will be what I write for NaNoWriMo, so I have to do this in October- Done
6. Participate in NaNoWriMo and write 50,000 words-   Done

7. Read 8 books that’s for the whole round 4.    Done!
8. Be a good human and socialize online Goal- Barely. I did better before mid-December.
9. Be a good Baptist and join a Wednesday night groupI failed at this. Never went to a single group. I hope to join the choir in January. I sure hope they have a Joyful Noise section.
10. Finish my daughter’s bedroom Almost! The walls are painted, as is the door. There are a few places touch up is needed, but it looks like move-in day will be on Wednesday. She’s so excited, she can’t stand it.

Overall, I think I did OK. I have more crossed out than not. I did attempt every goal except for #9. I consider this round a success. Also, be on the look out for a new short story in February!  And it’s NOT a Christmas story! I know, I can’t believe it either.

How did you do for this round?


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