Mother-Daughter 2016 Reading Challenge

Happy New Year! I hope all is well. We are about to rush out the door for the traditional Black-eyed pea and ham lunch. I’d save you some, but let’s be real. I’m eating it all!

This morning I was looking at a 2016 Reading Challenge that’s floating around the web when my children expressed an interest in participating. Unfortunately,  it wasn’t geared for young ones. So we made one up.


the Mother-Daughter 2016 Reading Challenge!

Why Mother-Daughter? I’m not being sexist. I’m the mother of two girls. It’s easily adaptable for boys as well. I’ll create a page in the tab section for easy access, for those that want to read along. I also need a badge. There are 31 listings. My girls have different speed reading skills and 31 seemed like an acceptable number. There are no rules. If you want to substitute go for it. If you want to use one book for different entries, I’m good with that.

On with the list:

Mother-Daughter 2016 Reading Challenge:

  • o a book based on a fairytale
    o a YA bestseller
    o a comic book
    o a book set in your state
    o a book set in Europe
    o a book that’s less than 150 pages
    o a book that’s been made into a movie or will be soon
    o a book you can finish in a day
    o a science-fiction novel
    o a book that takes place during summer
    o a mystery
    o a dystopian novel
    o a book of poetry
    o a book from the library
    o a book that takes place on an island
    o a book that makes  you happy
    o a book that belongs to your child/parent
    o a fantasy novel
    o a non-fiction book
    o a book recommended by a friend
    o a biography or autobiography
    o a book with a female protagonist
    o a book set during a holiday
    o a travel book
    o a disaster book
    o a book with a purple cover
    o a book with a number on the cover
  • 0 a book with a dragon
  • 0 a book with a blue cover
    o a book about a dog or cat
    o a Newberry book


Let me know in the comments if you want to read along with us.

Happy Reading,


One thought on “Mother-Daughter 2016 Reading Challenge

  1. I love the idea. I hope to remember this come summer. While my daughter reads year round, she tends to reread books during the school year. My son barely has time to do extra reading. So, summer is a good challenge time for us. But, I do like the idea!


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