A Healthy Southerner !?

One of my Row80 goals is to participate in a Get Fit Challenge at church. I know I missed the first check-in for Row80, but I had nothing real to report. On a lark I signed up. As soon as I walked in last night and saw the ladies with measuring tapes and scales, I regretted it. I didn’t really know what all was involved, but now I’m stuck. Let’s face it, I could stand to be healthier. Most people would do well to drop a little weight along with the Pringles.

The idea of this being lead by a Southern Baptist Church, is hysterical.

Cranky writer after being told to stop eating chocolate.

Cranky writer after being told to stop eating chocolate.

I love the South! But if there is one thing I know, we love food. Salty, greasy, and covered in gravy. If you walk into most congregations there is a particular “shape” to many of those filling the seats. Preachers love to rail against alcohol and smoking but don’t touch that banana pudding. Everything in a Baptist Church surrounds food. If a loved one dies, gets sick, or has a baby- we will shower you in food. All gatherings are surrounded by food. That’s just the way it is.

A few years ago we got a new preacher. Right off the bat I knew he was different. He was youngish and in incredible shape. With each new year he’s had a sermon related to living a healthy lifestyle.  Snicker!  This year it’s a full on challenge. I fell for it and signed up. Cringe!  As I write this I should be up moving ….something. 

The plan is to have nutrition classes and group workout sessions once a week. We are encouraged to exercise throughout the week. We weigh in once a week and have this thick tome to read on proper nutrition.

Have I mentioned how I hate change? Writer leans back in Lay-z-boy and closes eyes.

When you think about it, Southerners love vegetables. Traditionally, the South is a tad rural. We are know to till up the yard and plant tomatoes and peas. Heck, until recently, my family has plowed over the entire front yard to grow veggies. Can’t grow grass might as well grow purple hulls. I remember visiting my grandparents and lunch consisting of rice, three different vegetables, and cornbread. No meat. Don’t get the impression that the South has a long history of vegetarianism. Those veggies were cooked with bacon grease and a ham hock. Pig is the South’s favorite animal.

That is the problem. We love bacon grease, salt, and sugar. I don’t use a lot of salt. Except on tortilla chips and pop corn. Sugar is my kryptonite. I love sweet tea, cupcakes, chocolate, and syrup. Dessert is my favorite meal of the day. That is where I have to be most vigilant.

So as I embark on this most unSouthern task of being healthy, remember me when you snack on a refreshing bowl of ice cream.

What’s your Kryptonite?



7 thoughts on “A Healthy Southerner !?

  1. Chips are my Kryptonite. Doesn’t matter what kind as long as they’re crisp and salty. I could stand to drink a few less beers too.

    I grew up in Omaha, NE and one of the things I’ve really missed now that I live in Tempe, AZ is the ability to easily have a vegetable garden. In Nebraska, you barely had to work at it. If you left a tomato to rot in the yard, you’d have a tomato plant next summer. Here, there isn’t even soil… 😦

    Good luck! I will think of you as I do my plank challenge. I’m going to have ab muscles if it kills me. 😉


  2. Good luck! Here’s a thought on exercise: ten minutes of movement vigorous enough to raise your heart rate is as good as a half and hour of moderate walking (at least that’s what I thought I heard the news commentator say). (Ten minutes is about all I can handle anyway.
    : D )


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