Brain Clutter

Bob says, "Get to work."

Bob says, “Get to work.”

Warning: This post is silly and has no real point.

I’ve been critiquing and editing up a storm. Good thing because it’s too cold to do anything else. I’ve also binge watched more than my share of stupid TV shows and read until my eyeballs wanted to run screaming from my head. Back to editing. I’ve noticed a trend in my writing:

  • I’m the run-on queen. This has been a problem since childhood. You would think that after 30+ years of writing I wouldn’t make the same mistake. Yet I do.
  • There are certain words I chronically misspell. The sad thing is, they are simple words! Ex: their and gray. I switch the i and e in the first and the second I generally use the British spelling. Why? I don’t know.
  • I switch my tenses, especially when I write first person present tense. It’s not how I usually write and it throws me.
  • My formatting sucks. In the beginning, my first draft was very rough. I’m lucky if I remembered to indent. Now that I’ve self-published a bit, I try to format it a little as I go. Just the basics, it makes it easier when I finish. But I still struggle. I need to set up a template or something to use every time, so the basics are there. That may be a project for this summer.

I’ve also discovered podcasts. I know they’ve been around for years. Santa gave me a new IPOD for Christmas, my last one was dying a painful death. It has two features I love. 1- the Goodreads app and 2- the podcast app.

Goodreads is self-explanatory. I will say the book ISBN scanning ability is genius.

Podcasts- There are thousands of podcasts to choose from. My favorite writing related ones are:

  • Grammar Girl- her last podcast on currant vs current actually helped me out this week. I remembered her examples and quickly made the correct choice. These are usually really short and I can listen to them on the way to dropping daughter #2 at swimming.
  • The Creative Penn- This is a podcast from publishing guru/writer Joanna Penn. Her podcast tend to be long, but very useful.
  • The Self-publishing podcast- is one I’m on the fence about. It’s very helpful, but they curse like sailors. So I can’t listen to it with the kids in the car.

There are a few more I listen to that have nothing to do with writing.

Do you have a chronic writing problem? Do you have a favorite podcast?



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