A Small Obsession

I don’t know if it’s because I live on the coast and have spent years of my life in the water, but I want to be a mermaid. This has been a life-long obsession. I remember as a child swimming to the bottom of the pool, sitting down, and looking up through the water. I would even attempt to swim with my legs pressed together (dolphin kick). I even gravitate to works of fiction centered on mermaids/sirens, hence my love of J. Kathleen Cheney and her tales of the Golden City.

What does this have to do with writing?

Nothing! Earlier in the week I came across an article from Weeki Wachee Springs. What? You’ve never heard of Weeki Wachee? You’re forgiven, I’ve never actually been there. It ranks fairly high on my Places to Visit Before I Die list. Weeki Wachee Springs is a park in Florida that has Mermaid shows. That’s right, Mermaid shows. They are famous for them. They have had underwater mermaid shows since 1947. In the recent article I learned that the park has a Mermaid Camp for adults! Yes, I want to go. No, I can’t afford it, but it would be awesome. I would totally rock a mermaid tale 🙂

On to Row80:

Participate in the weekly Health/Fitness Challenge at church.  Goal this week attend two workout classes and one day on treadmill.  Total failure, the challenge ends this Wednesday.

Read 4 books a month, roughly 1 book a week.  I’m still reading Crimson Claymore by Craig A. Price Jr. I’m really enjoying this book, but I only get to read it at night. I have a book set aside as a night time book, and that’s this book. So it only gets read before bed. Finished The Seer’s Choice by Cheney. Loved it.
-Edit book 2 in my mystery seriesNada! I’m tossing this goal for now.
-Work on self-publishing Book 1. This is my critique project.
-Institute Meatless Monday. Nope.
-Keep up with the local Critique Group.  Done!
-At some point I need to write a story I’ve plotted. I didn’t make it to 5,000 words. I have a total of  4,303 as of Saturday afternoon.  I’m really enjoying this WIP, it’s totally different than anything I’ve ever written before and I’m having fun with it. Goal this week is: 6,000 words.

Edit/publish Mystic Brew.   Done!

I’m thrilled with my progress, mainly because I’ve gotten back to writing. I love writing, editing not so much. I have a few guest blog posts coming up, I’ll let you know more later. As always, if you haven’t signed up for my newsletter, give it a whirl. I promise not to clog your email.

Do you have a favorite mermaid book I should read?


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