March TBR

Spring is in the air. I can feel it, I even  pulled out my flip-flops today. The flowers are blooming and the cat is shedding. Both are signs of spring. Along with the red, itchy eyes! I’m tired of winter and beyond ready for warmer weather.

I have a huge stack of books to read this month. I don’t know if I’ll make it through all of them, but I will do my best.

Library Books

  • Catwings, a catwings tale by Ursula Le Guin. My daughter found this on Goodreads and had to read it. Then she passed it on to me and told me to read it. It’s a tiny little book, shouldn’t take an hour to read.
  • Dragons at Crumbling Castle by Terry Pratchett. I just like the cover. A dragon in the tub reading a book.
  • House of the Rising Sun by Kristen Painter.
  • Charming by Elliot James.

Kindle Books

  • Everblue, Mer Tales Book 1 by Brenda Pandos. I’ve had mermaids on my mind so I’m finally getting around to reading this one.
  • Pirate Latitudes by Michael Crichton. I’m seeing a theme here.
  • The Lucky Cat, Black Cat Vol. 1 by Lisa Shea
  • How to Write Dazzling Dialogue by James Scott Bell
  • Soldiers of Fortune by Jana Deleon This is book 6 in the Miss Fortune Series. Currently there are only 7 books. If she doesn’t write another book, I will be sad.

It’s hard to decide which I should read first. I’m thinking Catwings, since it’s tiny and then maybe the dragon book.

What’s on your TBR list for March?


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