I Finished!

Bob says, "Good work. You deserve chocolate."

Bob says, “Good work. You deserve chocolate.”

You know that feeling where you are just pages away from finishing your WIP? That’s where I was Thursday. I just finished it, like 5 minutes ago. I skipped check-in Sunday so I could get it finished. I’m so happy. I know first drafts are pretty raw and need lots of work. But the point is I wrote it. I have a major feeling of accomplishment. I won’t even mind doing all the chores that have been totally neglected this week so that I could write. Thanks hubby for understanding. The kids did have clean clothes for school! Hoot! Hoot!

Now, I will put it aside for a while. It needs to rest. I’ll work on a short story final edits while it simmers away.

On with Row80:

Participate in the weekly Health/Fitness Challenge at church.  Goal this week attend two workout classes and one day on treadmill.  Total failure.

–Read 4 books a month, roughly 1 book a week.  I finished The Mermaid’s Sister by Carrie Anne Noble, loved it. I tossed several books aside, I didn’t care enough to finish them. I am currently reading, Sweet Tea Revenge (a cozy mystery), Pirate Latitudes, and I Never Thought I’d See the Day. The latter is part of a study for church. 3/4 for March
-Edit book 2 in my mystery seriesNada! I’m tossing this goal for now.
-Work on self-publishing Book 1. This is my critique project. I have submitted the first 5 chapters.
-Institute Meatless Monday. Nada, big surprise.
-Keep up with the local Critique Group.  I have 1 left to read. I have another week, I got the days wrong!
At some point I need to write a story I’ve plotted.  Goal this week is: Finished!  25,976! I know there are several scenes I need to add. I wrote this one with minimal scene plotting (first time), I expect the final count to be a bit longer when it’s ready to publish.

Edit/publish Mystic Brew.   Done!

What reward do you like when you finish a project?


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