Mobile is Weird, part 2

I’m continuing with the weirdness that is Mobile. The city has been around since 1702 (I think), it’s had plenty of time to become eccentric.

13. Azalea Trail Maids- These “maids” are high school seniors. A handful are chosen from each school. The girls act as ambassadors to the city. They can be found at most events in and around the city. They even travel out of town. My oldest thought they were princesses when she was little. Every dress is different and there is only one pink. She’s the Queen.

14.  Don’t touch the fishing pole if it’s not yours. This should go without saying, but ask permission first. If it belongs to a southerner they won’t tell you to leave it alone. That would be rude. But they will question your upbringing.

15.  Sushi is pretty bait.  Okay, I made that one up. Sushi is becoming more popular here, but most people are a bit shy of it. I have tried it and don’t care for it. I can appreciate it from a far.

16. There are 2 classic ingredients for most desserts. Pecans and coconut. Almost everything sweet has either pecans or coconut in it. Most have both. I don’t care for either. Any church luncheon or social group buffet will have an assortment of cakes, cookies, and bars all made with pecans and coconuts.

17. Don’t swim at dusk or dawn. If you venture south to the Gulf of Mexico. We have the most beautiful sugar white beaches.  The seafood is to die for. That’s just an expression. If you swim at dusk or dawn you run the risk of feeding the apex predator that swims down there. Those are the prime feeding times of the local shark population. Just for the record, just because you don’t see a fin doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

18.  Don’t wade near the reeds.  The Mobile Delta is a great place to go camping and swimming. There are plenty of spots to canoe. A word of warning, the shark is not the only apex predator we have. Alligators love to hide in the reeds and tall grass near the shore. Especially during the day.

19. Don’t feed the gators. If you get caught there is a $500 fine. YouTube is full of videos of people throwing marshmallows at the gators. It may be fun and the gators might enjoy it, but it’s illegal.

20.  Mobilians monogram everything, even underwear.  No explanation needed.

21.  If you kill it, you clean it, and eat it.  Lower Alabama is a sportsman’s paradise. We have hunting and fishing of every kind. I learned  at my daddy’s knee as a tiny girl the golden rule of fishing: you catch it you clean it. By the time I was 8 I could use his knife and gut/clean a fish. By the age of 10 I could fry it.  And yes, that includes baiting your own hook. The same goes for hunting, but I don’t hunt.

22. We drop a moon pie!  Chattanooga may be the birthplace of the legendary moon pie, but on New Year’s Eve we drop a monster sized one off the top of a hotel at midnight. How weird is that?

That’s it for this installment of how weird Mobile is. I know there’s more.




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