Shawarma in the Park

Spring Break, Day 1

It’s spring Break! I had an extra teenager at home with us today. The three of them got together and decided they wanted to cook lunch. Something out of the “fandom cookbook” they have been working on. Sounds good to me. They decided on Avenger’s Shawarma. I had no idea what it was, I’ve never had it, but I let them make it. My husband found out about it and wanted to try it to. Road trip! We packed up our chips, shawarma, and strawberry shortcake and hit the road.



Yes, that’s Cheetos with the shawarma. I told you they were teenagers. It was a nice morning with a breeze. We ate outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather, thankful it wasn’t raining. This park is near a children’s hospital and has great landscaping and winding paths that lead to statues of children doing things that children like to do. It also has a wonderful alligator fountain.



Isn’t he lovely? There are massive old oaks, the park is near downtown Mobile. The oaks are of course covered in Spanish Moss.  If you stand still the moss will start growing on you. This stuff covers everything.

Oh, everyone enjoyed the shawarma.



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