Bond. James Bond

I love James Bond.

I grew-up with Roger Moore in the starring role. A View to a Kill was a favorite, partly because I was also in love with Duran Duran who sang the theme song. I also love Bond theme songs. There is talk that a new Bond is on the horizon.  I don’t know if it’s true, but Daniel Craig is a fine Bond. Wink Wink. I watched Spectre this weekend, loved it.

I’ve decided that your favorite Bond depends on when you came in on the franchise. I have a soft spot for Roger Moore and Pierce Bronson. My husband not so politely disagrees. Although, no one is as smooth as Sean Connery.

Not long after we married we watched each Bond movie in order and since then have seen the new ones as they are released. Do you remember George Lazenby? No. I understand. He only played Bond for one movie. Timothy Dalton played him for two. Neither went down in movie history. Not for good reasons anyway.

Then there was Daniel Craig. He might be my favorite. He was a different Bond. Big, bulky, and not nearly as refined. He still has his rough edges. Wow can he walk! Sorry. But whoever plays the part next has a lot to live up to. We’ve seen a lot of him (wink wink) thanks to Casino Royale.

Rumors have circulated that Idris Elba was under consideration for the iconic part.  I think they have been proven false now, but not sure. I will admit my first reaction was similar to when I walked into the comic book store and found out that both Wolverine and Thor were now women.

I wasn’t happy. I think it was a shock at first. Passing off the name James Bond as a code name instead of who he really was. I’ve since changed my opinion, on Idris, not female versions of Thor or Wolverine. That still bothers me. Idris is an amazing actor with lots of sex appeal. I’m a huge fan of his BBC show Luther. He would again remake the role, as each actor has in the past.

If they can make Ghostbusters all female why not make Bond a different race? It’s hard to change a legend. It’s fun to rework them and add new things.

Who is James Bond? He’s a secret agent. He’s sexy, smooth, and smart. He drinks his martinis shaken not stirred. If the new actor can fill those requirements and look good doing it, I’m happy. I’m good with giving Idris a shot.

I have my limits. I promise I will not watch a female James Bond. Go ahead write me hate mail.

As I’m writing this another name is linked to Bond, Tom Hiddleston. Hmmm. Let me think about that for a while.

Who’s your favorite Bond?


9 thoughts on “Bond. James Bond

  1. I’ve always liked the concept of Bond being a code name, but I agree, they should stick to *James* Bond. I sort of grew up with Sean Connery since we had a lot of that era on video, but I’ve liked the harder-edged Daniel Craig. Hmm, maybe Henry Cavill at the next Bond?


  2. I confess, I never actually watched a whole James Bond movie (it’s not that I don’t like the concept, but I’m just not a huge movie watcher). But… now you’ve got me interested (and, yeah, I’ll probably prefer Brosnan, since he’s ‘my generation’ of Bond… old episodes of Remington Steele can still get me to waste hours).

    What fascinates me is the whole milieu of Bond movies… So much creativity and so much of our own cultural history is built into the concept of James Bond. Kind of like Doctor Who, actually. It’s easy to see a lot of social and political shifts through time in the writing of these series.


      • That’d be fine with me. I never had an issue with watching Bond movies… I just never “did”, if that makes any sense. But sure… let’s trade. You watch “Blink” (it’s a David Tennant episode from the newere series) and you tell me which Bond you think I should watch… Any time limit we should set on this? (Please not until at least Thursday because I have a lot of traveling the next few days).


      • Deal! I’ve actually heard of the “blink” episode. I’ll watch it. I think “Die Another Day” is one of the best Bond movies. It stars Pierce Bronsan and Halle Berry. A time limit is interesting, but I’ll be generous because it’s the end of the school year. Watch it by May 27?


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