A Late Happy Mother’s Day

This is a late Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mother’s and would be mothers.


Traditionally, we spend the day at the beach. Yesterday was a beautiful day. The water was freezing but flat. The temp was in the 80s I think. Perfect weather. I do wish the water was a bit warmer. Daughter #2 wanted to swim out to the sandbar, but mama couldn’t stand the cold that long. She was practically blue.

Daughter #1 is now a teenager and knows everything. So I let her be in charge of her own sunscreen and sun protection gear. She’s fair and blond and now burned.  Maybe next time she will listen to mommy. It was too cold for her to get in the water at all. She convinced her dad to dig her a “pool” in the sand. He dug out a crater about 8 inches deep, filled it with water, and then built up the walls.  She pulled her chair to the edge and dropped her feet in. She spent the entire morning like that, reading a book. It was actually kind of cute.

We took a few solo cups and walking the beach in search of treasure. When they were small everything was treasure. Now they are older and specific in their search. Daughter #1 was looking for large jingle shells and whole sand dollars. She has a summer project in mind. She actually found three tiny whole sand dollars, not sure if they survived the trip home.

As I walked down the beach, with my now taller daughter in tow, I thought about mermaids. I love mermaids, I always have. With the wind in my hair, the sand between my toes, and the salt air in my lungs I could gladly give up legs for a tail. My daughter agrees.

As a reader I am always on the search for a good mermaid tale. They can be hard to find. Most are cliche and shallow. I have found a few a like. As a writer, I’m working on a story about mermaids. A different take on a mythical creature. And no they do not look like manatees.

What Mother’s Day traditions do you  have?


One thought on “A Late Happy Mother’s Day

  1. It’s been years since I’ve been to the beach! For Mother’s Day we usually take my mom and my mother-in-law out for dinner to wherever they want to go. We also get cards, and usually get them a small gift. 🙂


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