In A Fix

As you may know, I love cozy mysteries. I also love Urban Fantasy. I didn’t realize it until recently;)

Urban fantasy is what it sounds like. Fantasy in an Urban setting. My newest find:


In A Fix by Linda Grimes

Lovely cover.  It’s book 1 in the Ciel Halligan series. Basically, Ciel “fixes” situations for her clients by using their aura to assume their identity. If you don’t want to go to your high school reunion, call Ciel she will go for you. Not all cases are easy, some can be very complicated…and funny.  You can read the blurb on Amazon.

The book is hysterical, quirky, and original. The scene where she becomes a college male with bodily control issues is terribly funny. And then there are Vikings! What’s not to love?

Now, I have to find the rest of the series.

My next series to try is the Dresden Files. I’ve heard a lot about these and can’t wait to read them. Only problem is I can’t find book 1 locally! Might have to order it for this summer.

What’s your favorite Urban fantasy book?



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