Don’t Blink!

I made a deal with a fellow #Row80 er (?) that I would watch Dr. Who episode- Blink if she watched Die Another Day.  Okay Eden, I watched it last night. I am a serious nerd, but I have never watched much Dr. Who. Actually, I think I’ve watched a total of 4 episodes including Blink. I won’t lie. I did enjoy this one. I don’t know if it was because I like the actor who plays Dr. Who is this series or if it was just better than the early one. It was really creepy. Now every time I go to my mother’s garden, I will be looking over my shoulder to make sure the statues stay where they belong.  Can’t wait for Eden to tell me how she enjoyed James Bond.

I felt so bad about make no progress on Wednesday that I seriously buckled down. A good rain storm also helped.

Round 2 Goals:

Red highlights were a total failure.

Blue highlights were either constant progress, which I count as a success or completed.

Pink highlights are goals I’m dropping. Really, no surprise there. I hate them.

  • Promotion.  I made a list of possible review blogs to stalk contact. Still working on my list. Believe it or not there are a lot of blogs to sort through.
  • Read 4 books a month. I am 1/2 way through Savvy.  2/4 books read in May.
  • Spend 15 minutes a day decluttering. Yes! Maybe not everyday but I spent hours cleaning out a corner, counter tops, and my desk. I can see surfaces I haven’t seen in months!
  • Write two posts a week, not related to Row80.  Yes. I had two! I also planned ahead and have a handful ready to post. So how’s that for progress.
  • Stop binge watching Netflix.  I watched all of Gotham so until season 2 arrives I should be good.
  • Stay on top of Critique group. Yes. Finally.

New goals:

  • Edit/revise “Stella” for possible submission to a contest.
    Finished round 1 revisions. It’s almost 6,000 words. It’s too short for the contest I wanted to enter it in, but I think I can find it another home.
  • Use May as revision month for one of the novellas I wrote this year. Not yet.
  • Adding for 5/11- Deep Clean house– I made a list:) Yeah, that still where I am. I did make some progress on this. I still need to do serious dusting. It’s amazing how some areas get neglected because you don’t really “see” them. Like the blades of the ceiling fans and behind dressers. Yikes. I think I might try that this week.

Goals reached for Round 2:

  • New Release to publishMissing Children is now available. So happy.
  • Camp NaNoWriMo.  I won!!! I am happy to have this novella written. It’s been lurking in the back of my mind for a while.

Goals dropped:

  • Spend 15 minutes a day on moving my behind.  I say yes. I spent three days chasing children and cleaning up after the theater dinner. Getting rid of this goal. I hate it.
  • Cut the processed foodsThree meals a week with no processed junk.   Getting rid of this goal.
  • Eat fresh veggiesTwo meals a week with something fresh. No frozen!  Getting rid of this goal.

I think I did well on playing catchup. That is all the time I can spare. It looks like I have Algebra homework to help with.

How did you do this week?



5 thoughts on “Don’t Blink!

  1. Well, I call it a fair deal if you enjoyed and I enjoyed (I posted my bit yesterday about Die Another Day). Because I checked out the IMDB about the movie (after–I wasn’t going to play the spoiler game), I asked the hubby to get me the very first Bond movie for comparison (Dr. No, I think) because I really wanted to see what started this obsession. I mean, I liked D.A.D. enough, but I can’t say I would normally go and hunt the film out… and it only had a 3.5 star rating on the IMDB, which makes me think a lot of other people had serious issues with it too.

    Point is.. if you had enough fun with Blink! and wanted to test this thing a bit further, I have a two-parter of Doctor Who for you to try while I test out a Sean Connery episode. Different Doctor… Different Bond.
    The Empty Child
    The Doctor Dances

    Let me know what you think… you on again, Caren?

    Now onto your goals… I’m seeing a LOT of blue. WOOT! (Though your binge-watching goal always confuses me… are you saying you’re trying to stop binge-watching? Because you always note the series you just binged on… [I do it too–I can NOT watch a show I like without binging on it]

    Either way… let’s enjoy the WOOT and not worry about fresh versus frozen veggies. 😉


    • I am trying not to binge watch. Sad I know. I will watch the Dr. Who episodes, but it will have to be Mid July. We are knee deep in last minute projects and end of the year exams.I love Sean Connery.


      • Oh, but binge watching is the only way to go… (it’s really I have no self-control)

        Cool… Since June is cray-cray for me, that gives me extra time for Dr. No too.

        It’s interesting that as much as I have a huge Pierce Brosnan crush… seeing him as Bond actually didn’t help me like the movie (it may have even detracted from my interest). So watching a Connery will be interesting for other reasons–the first being, I NEVER saw the attraction…


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