Memoir vs. Creative Non-fiction

Missing Children - High Resolution

My newest release, Missing Children, has caused some to ask if it is a true story. Click here for the blurb.  The short answer is no but…. there are kernels of truth in it. I see it and wrote it as total fiction.

People kept asking if it was a memoir. Which led me to wonder what the difference is between memoir and creative non-fiction.


Memoir– text of events written from observation or experience.

Creative non-fiction– using fiction techniques to write about factual events or people.

I never knew what creative non-fiction was until I looked it up :0 Reading these definitions I can clearly say the story is fictional.


Missing Children was born from personal experience. I had a grandmother who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and she taught me how to quilt. If you read the story you will see her woven throughout. That was not always intentional. The story grew and developed on it’s own. I used to laugh when writer’s made comments like that. The organization the ladies sew quilts for is fictional but is based on an organization that used to exist. I even made quilts to raise money for research. Click here for a look at a few.  I understand the confusion.

What makes the story a work of fiction is the people and events depicted. They are all fictional. That said it took years to write and edit this story for publication. It was painful to keep rereading because it would bring up memories. Some hard to deal with. Honestly, it is the most personal story I have written to date.

What was the hardest story for you to write?


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