Higgy Baby

Okay, my kids are teens/tweens. I do my best to enlarge their tiny little world. Thankfully, they love to read. They also love movies and TV. Maybe too much. As a family we like to watch family shows. I like to introduce them to movies and TV that is a bit older. Last summer I introduced my oldest to Jaws and Psycho. Hitchcock is about as scary as I get. We are slowly working our way through the Hitchcock movies. My girls can’t see a flock of birds now without thinking of The Birds.


This summer I introduced them to Magnum, PI. Dang! He still looks good. The writing’s not great and the acting at times is questionable, but the scenery more than makes up for it.  We’ve watched most of season 1.

Episode 1 starts out with Magnum on the beach walking toward the mansion. My oldest looks at him, wrinkles her nose and says, “He’s wearing girl shorts.”

Really!? That’s what she picks up on, the short shorts that marked the 80s? My youngest wasn’t to be outdone. She said, “He’s so hairy!”

I’ve failed as a mother. Let’s move on the the goals. There’s only 1 week left. Round 3 starts on July4th.

Round 2 Goals:

Red highlights were a total failure.

Blue highlights were either constant progress, which I count as a success or completed.

Pink highlights are goals I’m dropping. Really, no surprise there. I hate them.

  • Promotion. Nope.
  • Read 4 books a month. I started 179 Ways to Save a Novel by Peter Selgin. I am also reading Murder in the Library by Seve Demaree and Murder with a Twist by Tracy Kiely. 3/4 books read.
  • Write two posts a week, not related to Row80.  Nope, but I’ll write one up in a few minutes 🙂
  • Stay on top of Critique group. I finished with a week to spare!
  • Edit/revise “Stella” for possible submission to a contest. It needs to be tightened. Done. It’s ready for critiques.
  • Edit/revise “Mermaid”–  I’ve started on it. I went through the critiques and made notes for revisions and new scenes.
  • Edit/revise “Monster” I finished writing it and want to have 1 critique before I sent it off.

Not too productive this week. Father’s day is Sunday and I am also getting ready for several family days. Between cleaning and prepping, writing has to wait it’s turn. Maybe tonight I’ll accomplish something.

How is the start of your week?


7 thoughts on “Higgy Baby

  1. You say “not too productive” and I say “mostly blue, therefore productive.” 😛

    Generation gaps lead to such funny moments sometimes. Yes. Once upon a time, shorts were actually short. Like. Short. Even on guys. But then the guys who’d spent so much time working their arms realized they all had skinny chicken legs, and shorts got longer. 😛


  2. I’d say you are a great mom for introducing your kids to Magnum PI. Even if his shorts were nearly obscene, who couldn’t fall in love with that face! One time when my sister was in the hospital fighting her cancer, she watched a Magnum PI marathon that was on cable. It was the only thing that raised her spirits at the time.


  3. I had a science teacher who looked EXACTLY like Tom Selleck. Apparently he’d won contests and was on one of the ’80s talk shows (I don’t recall which). That was really interesting. 😉 I have never seen Magnum, P.I. I should consider it, just because. 😉

    Good progress this week — some blue! That’s fantastic.


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