I’m Tacky


There are two kinds of women in the South. Well, not really but it works for this post.

There’s the tasteful, reserved woman. You know them. They always look good, and wear either neutral or pastel. They never raise their voice or cause distractions.

That’s not me.

Then there’s the loud, brightly dressed woman. You know the ones. You hear them before you see them. And they have pink flamingos wearing Hawaiian shirts on the front lawn. That’s me- without the pink flamingos. Hubby had a fit.

I’m not terribly out going, but I am loud. And I’ve been told more than once that I’m a tad tacky. That’s okay, I don’t mind. When we went on vacation. I found my people.

IMG_0884 IMG_1127

There’s a restaurant called Mi Tierra’s  . I never wanted to leave. I’ve been there before, but I am always amazed at the amount of color and sparkle that place has (see first photo and above right).

Caren’s Rules for Tacky:

  • matching is for the artistically challenged.
  • why wear studs when you can wear hoops, drops, chandeliers, etc…
  • every room in a house should be painted a different color. God likes variety.
  • Christmas lights are always a good idea no matter the season.
  • glitter nail polish is mandatory for all beach outings. How else will the fish find you?
  • yard art makes every house look better and distracts the casual observer from the fact your bushes are overgrown.
  • Hats should be worn. The bigger the better. Look at the English. They know how to wear hats.
  • I don’t care what’s in style. I’m not giving up my flip flops.

So which are you- loud or reserved?




6 thoughts on “I’m Tacky

    • Yes. I also know seasonal around here ends up being eternal 🙂 My husband made me an almost life size wooden Nativity scene. He built a 3D stable and I painted the family, animals, and kings. We still need shepherds. For added sparkle we add a small spotlight and twinkle lights. This year I have a start to hang above the stable.
      Now what I really need is a 3foot tall gnome and frog that glows in the dark. That would be awesome.


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