I Love Food

If you’ve read this blog long, you may have noticed I love food. All Southerners love food. Some cities are blessed to be food cities. New Orleans is a food city. You plan you day around where you want to eat. San Antonio is the same way.

On our recent trip to San Antonio, my kids started taking pictures of everything they ate. It was entertaining. My oldest tried to order chalupas everywhere she went and my youngest ate quesadillas daily. I went for the tamales and handmade tortillas. I came home with a tortilla press 🙂

Food List for S.A.

1- Eat lots of Pan huevos. Well maybe not a lot. But try them at least. WP_20160528_06_44_38_Pro

Pan huevos.

Pan huevos.

2. Tortillas should be fluffy and chewy. San Antonio tortillas do not taste like other tortillas. At this point I think every restaurant has a grandmother in the kitchen.

3. If you have never been to a Mexican Bakery, you need to go. We made a daily pilgrimage to a bakery for Pan Huevos and assorted cookies. My pants are tighter but it was worth it.

4. The hotel was nice enough to remind us each day which state we were in. I never would have remembered without the Texas shaped waffles.

5. I will miss the fresh salsa and real refried beans. A moment of silence please.

6. We had to take a cooler with us. On the way home we stopped at HWP_20160529_09_10_38_ProEB to stock  up on cherizo. You can’t find good chorizo in Alabama.




I don’t know what happened to the formatting here. I apologize.

What’s your favorite Mexican or Tex-Mex food?

Any good food stories to share?


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