Reading with Kids


The title is a bit misleading. Sorry about that. One of the entries for my Mother-Daughter Reading Challenge is to read a book that belongs to your parent/child. I have two children and will read a book from each. When they were babies I read to them. As they grew, I enjoyed reading books that was on their reading level. Children’s literature is one of my favorite genres so it was no issue. Now, I find myself mostly reading adult fiction. This challenge gave me an excuse to cruise the book shelves in their room.

This week I read the book my youngest child picked out, The Girl Who Could Fly by Victoria Forester.  I remember buying it for her as Christmas gift. Buying books for her is always a challenge. Not that shes picky. She’s the opposite,  a voracious reader. Not knowing if she has already read a book is my biggest challenge. I found The Girl Who Could Fly on the table in the center aisle at the bookstore. I liked the cover, picked it up and then read the back. It mentioned a girl with super powers. Perfect! Bought it on the spot. It goes along with her super hero obsession. She did love it.

Most of the books that I and my girls have read, I read first and then shared the book with them. This was the first time they had the chance to pick a book for me to read. It took them some time to decide which it would be. I will admit there were a few books I turned down, like anything by Charles Dickens. My youngest loves him, I hate him. But they enjoyed looking for a book they thought I would enjoy. They put time and thought into their selection.

As a parent I am involved in what they read. This flipped our relationship and let them choose. The interesting thing was they both picked out fantasy books. Yeah! Now, I am on to the book my oldest picked, A Snicker of Magic by Natalie Lloyd. There’s a wonderful triple decker ice cream cone on the cover.

There are several other book on their shelves that I want to read. I have plenty of time left this summer.


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