You Might Be A Mermaid

I love mermaids. I should, I am one. You may also be a mermaid. Take the test:


Mermaid Identification Test

  1. Do you “crave” being submerged in water?
  2. Do you fall asleep imagining you are floating in a bottomless ocean or counting jellyfish instead of sheep?
  3. Do find it necessary to run off to the beach for the feel of sand in your toes and saltwater in your hair?
  4. Are trips to the beach needed to keep random acts of violence at bay?
  5. Does the smell of coconuts remind you of long summer days swimming?
  6. Is your first trip to the beach in February?
  7. Is the sound of crashing waves music to your soul?
  8. Does your dream house include access to a large body of water?
  9. Are your pockets full of treasure you found in the surf and sand?
  10. Does leaving the beach feel like leaving home?

If you answered yes to 6 or more of these questions, you might be a mermaid. I answered yes to all 10 🙂

Who’s a mermaid?



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