Writing Spots

I’m doing a bit of writterly housekeeping this week. So not much obvious progress has been made from Sunday. Actually, Monday was my last post. I found my old calendar and my new calendar, why do these things run from July to July. That’s just odd to me. Found out I missed 1 deadline. Bummer. I spent Monday checking on writing contests and magazines and then putting the info in my calendar. I also made a list of fun reading meme’s and useful hashtags. Then I sorted through my stack of critiqued pages and pulled out the first 5,000 words of Dead in the Water. It is ready to start next.

I forgot to tell you about my bookcase. This case used to be in my sewing room. My hubby made it ages ago and was unfinished (not painted). When we turned that room into daughter #1’s room, we moved it to the living room. Took out the small hot pink bookcase we used for school storage (moved all that stuff to the kids rooms). That left me with a newish bookcase.


It quickly filled with writing supplies. It was a mess.

This weekend I cleaned it out, it goes almost to the ceiling, and painted it. The children hate the color, it’s the exact shade as the wall. I like it. It blends plus I already had the paint. I lined each shelve with contact paper because I’m too impatient to wait a week to put the books back. Tada- new bookcase.

The two shelves you see contain critiqued pages of Dead in the Water (chapters 1-15), a box of stationary supplies, and my TBR books. I think I’ve read three of those so far. The rest of the shelves are filled with notebooks of WIPs, publishing information, and nonfiction writing books. Only one shelf is empty. That one belongs to my hubby. He places his keys there when he comes home from work. I’m not allowed to use that shelf!

Our house is an open floor plan. (I hate it) That means the common rooms are all open to each other. No privacy! It’s a small house so I write at the kitchen table. Having most of my stuff in the living room means I don’t have to walk all the way to the bedroom to retrieve supplies. It’s handy. I just hope I can keep it clean. Hubby says he may build doors for it. Well see.

Where do you keep your writing supplies?


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