I Don’t Want Summer to End

I’m holding on to summer with both hands. I’m not ready to release it, to return to the chaos that the start of school always causes. We haven’t had enough time to lay around. We had planned on Tuesday being our last hooray of summer- it rained.


We went to the beach anyway. It was dark and overcast and the distant roll of thunder was audible for most of the morning. Eventually, it stormed. We packed up and headed off the island.

The lovely side picture is from early spring.

School starts Monday. We have orientation Thursday. The girls get to meet their teachers and fill their lockers. That’s always fun. We have a new headmaster to break in meet. Hopefully, it all goes well.

My little one hates the start of school. She enjoys parts of school- PE, lunch, and the library. Math sends her over the edge. She’s my most active child and I’ve always been amazed at how she can stay still all day. I never hear from teachers that she’s misbehaving, so I assume she sits still. At home she wiggles nonstop.

My oldest loves school and is usually ready for it to start around July. She’s social to a point. The kind of social that requires others to make the first move. I can count on one hand the number of times she has called a friend to talk. It’s not her thing, she prefers person to person contact. It amazes me when I see her with friends how silly she can be. We aren’t used to seeing that. She’s usually sweet and quiet where her sister is wiggly and loud. Stark opposites.

New school year means new experiences. I’m looking forward to swim meets and volleyball games. And of course cooler weather. Seriously, I feel like I could burst into flames at any moment.


Red highlights were a total failure.

Blue highlights with constant progress strike-through means completed.

Pink highlights are goals I’m dropping. Really, no surprise there. I hate them.

Green highlights new goals added.

  • Promotion.
    Goal- 3 emails a week. Yes! Happy Dance. I sent out 7 emails about free days coming up in September!
  • Write two posts a week, not related to Row80.  Done! I love the first of the month. It makes posting easy.
  • Stay on top of Critique group.  Complete one per week. 2/8 I may need to read more. I have extra stories this month and may run out of time.
  • Edit/revise “Stella” for possible submission to a contest.
    There’s another fantasy contest in September. Hopefully, I can get her squared away by then.
  • Sort through critique remarks on Dead in the Water.  Goal: 5,000 edited words a week. 7/20 pages completed.
  • Teach them to properly wash clothes
    Nothing new here to report.
  • Teach them how to make one meal from start to finish without help. Baby girl made blueberry muffins for breakfast with no help from me. Bonus points- she even cleaned the mess up!
  • Draw the current kitchen footprint.  This is a daunting task. I can’t visualize what I want and it’s hard to determine the amount of space I need for things.
  • Contact a body at the hardware store to discuss cabinet options and prices. I really need to talk to someone.
  • Make a wishlist for the kitchen. Too busy with school prep at the moment to worry with the kitchen.
  • Plot out a story that popped in my head.  Goal – have a full plot before the end of this round. Still working on back story. I’m not sure who the main character is or what her story is yet. Seriously! All I have is an idea and an ancestor. Madame Langlois.
  • Create a list of tweets for each story I have out to make promotion easier! – A list of 10 tweets per story by end of round. I have 4 tweets for Mystic Brew.
  • Free writing at least 3 times a week so far 2/3 days. I’m using a prompt from a magazine, Night at the Museum. I wrote around 800 words. I’m tired of this prompt. I’ll need a new one for next time.
  • Read 4 books a month.
    1/4-I finished The Mermaid Chair by Sue Monk Kidd. Loved it.

Below are the goals completed so far for round 3.

Completed Goals:

  • Empty cabinet under stove for stove installation. 
  • Teach my girls how to make a dress
  • Edit/revise “Monster” 
  • Edit/revise “Mermaid”
  • Organize my writer’s calendar and mark upcoming due dates and expectations.
  • Buy school supplies and organize all the school stuff.
    We are officially ready for school.

I’ve made progress on different goals this week. I’m still learning to balance them out. I think the girls may have the hang of laundry washing. That may move down to completed soon. They can cook certain things on their own, just not a full meal. I might hang on to that for a while.

Overall I feel good about where I am in my goals. I’m making progress. I don’t have anything specific to write, that may be a good thing. I can get edits out of the way. Free writing will have to keep the gears moving. Reading is just as important. I learn so much from reading published authors. No matter the genre.

Which goal did you accomplish the most in this week?


2 thoughts on “I Don’t Want Summer to End

  1. Mostly I’m doing some final changes to a few stories this week, getting them ready to send off into the world. I’d like to write at least two more short stories/novelettes this month and get a novella, Spellfire’s Kiss, ready to send off to my editor.

    In some ways I dislike the end of summer because winter is my least favorite season and summer ending can only mean we’re closer to the cold winter months. But I love fall–the colors of the leaves, the brisk days, the pumpkin-spice everything–so I have that to look forward to. And Halloween (or Samhain, as we Wiccans say) is my favorite holiday, so summer ending means that holiday is closer. But I’m going to enjoy every last drop of summer while I still can!


  2. I’m with you! Hang on, summer, hang on!

    It’s interesting how different siblings can be, isn’t it? I hope your wiggly girl gets some teachers who make school interesting and I hope your quiet girl makes some really good friends.

    1 month to that fantasy contecst! It’ll be cool if you make it. 🙂 And your younger kiddo gets a LOT of extra points for cleaning up the blueberry muffin stuff.

    Those stories that give you just thiiiiis much info and then won’t come out the rest of the way? So annoying in the best way. 😛


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