Death of an English Muffin

I am lucky to live near a great used bookstore, only two blocks away. They have a variety of gently loved books, including new books written by local authors. Beyond the regional section, my favorite genre to peruse is the cozy mysteries. They have an entire book shelf set aside just for cozies. Usually I can pick one up for $1 or less. My husband is not as happy about this as I am.

One of my recent acquisitions is Death of an English Muffin by Victoria Hamilton. I have not read the book yet. I passed it on to my oldest when she was badgering me to let her read a book on my shelf. She’d picked up Storm Front by Butcher first and I quickly took it from her hands. I haven’t read it yet but I’m willing to bet it’s not meant for my 13 year old.

She of course took it to her room and it disappeared for months. It reappeared Sunday…in my kitchen.

Funny thing about cozies. Most have a theme- quilting, shopping, chocolate, etc.. The theme of this book is muffins. It’s part of the Merry Muffin Series. So of course there are recipes. This particular book had a recipe for Bacon and Peanut Butter Muffins.

I waited on the edge of the kitchen, holding bandaged hand out of range, while Babygirl made these muffins. She fried the bacon on her own 🙂

100_0334  They are a tad dry, but otherwise tasty. The peanut butter and bacon work well together. Who knew? Actually, I think a drizzle of maple syrup would be great.

She of course is very proud of them and sent pictures to all her friends.

Now, that I’ve eaten the muffins I should read the book.

Have you ever made a recipe from a cozy?



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