Truth in Fiction

As a reader, I know fiction is not fact. I understand that.  Normally, I don’t question the world I’m reading about. I trust the writer to set up the story in a way that makes me believe it. I usually give a bit of leeway. I’m not troubled by the idea of a group of senior citizen crime fighters. I can work with a cat that doubles as a lie detector.

Or so I thought.

I just finished a book set in Mobile during Mardi Gras.  I was so excited at the idea of reading a book set in my hometown. Until I wasn’t. I need to stress there was nothing wrong with the plot or the writing. In honesty, I probably would have loved it if I wasn’t a local. The Mardi Gras the author described is in no way our Mardi Gras. That fact constantly pulled me out of the story and made it difficult for me to connect with the world they (dual authors) created. It bugged the stew out of me.

This is what I learned.

The next time I chose a “real” location/event to write about, I better get it right.


#row80 is an awesome writing challenge that knows you have a life. Be sure to check out other participants and leave a word of encouragement. Round 3 ends on September 22.

Red highlights were a total failure.

Blue highlights with constant progress strike-through means completed.

Pink highlights are goals I’m dropping. Really, no surprise there. I hate them.

Green highlights new goals added.

  • Promotion.
    Goal- 3 emails a week &/or participate in 3 twitter memes.
  • Write two posts a week, not related to Row80.  Yes.
  • Stay on top of Critique group.  I really need to read 3 this week.
  • Edit/revise “Stella” for possible submission to a contest.
  • Sort through critique remarks on Dead in the Water.  Goal: 5,000 edited words a week. I’m not on track for the week but I have made progress. It’s taken longer than a week to edit 5,000 words. I may need to expand the time allowed.  Set1 (chapters 1-3) completed   Set 2 (chapters 4-5) completed  Before I move on to set 3 (chapters 6-7) I want to reread the chapters and move a few things around.
  • Teach them how to make one meal from start to finish without help. Dropped until sports season is over. We are never home now.
  • Contact a body at the hardware store to discuss cabinet options and prices.
  • Make a wishlist for the kitchen.
  • Plot out a story that popped in my head.  Goal – have a full plot before the end of this round. This has stalled. I did decide to combine two story ideas into one.
  • Free writing at least 3 times a week Nope!
  • Read 4 books a month.
    1/4- I just finished Fat Tuesday Fricassee by J.J. Cook I’ve read 60/80 books this year.
  • Write a new ending for Monster, edit, and revise by September 7. I’m working on it. I went through and cleaned it up a little and have a list of ideas for the new ending.

Below are the goals completed so far for round 3.

Completed Goals:

  • Empty cabinet under stove for stove installation. 
  • Teach my girls how to make a dress
  • Edit/revise “Monster” 
  • Edit/revise “Mermaid”
  • Organize my writer’s calendar and mark upcoming due dates and expectations.
  • Buy school supplies and organize all the school stuff.
  • Teach them to properly wash clothes
  • Draw the current kitchen footprint.
  • Create a list of tweets for each story I have out to make promotion easier!

I’m not as far as I would like, especially with the end of round 3 just around the corner. It’s taking me longer to get back into the swing of writing. Note to self: never break the routine. It’s too hard to pick it back up.

How was your week?


3 thoughts on “Truth in Fiction

  1. I have to agree with that. After injuring my knee, then going camping last weekend, I’ve had a hell of a time getting back into the swing of things. I hope to get somewhat into the routine again before the end of the round, but that remains to be seen.

    Still, progress is progress. And overall you’ve done very well. 🙂


  2. Wow, I feel better after reading this that I chose to make my setting fictional, and more sold than ever on the idea of doing serious research before I write about unfamiliar stuff.

    I too have read a story in which the writer had embarrassingly little clue as to what she was describing. Yeah, lets not do that.

    I love the long list of completed goals. Keep up the good work.


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