Waiting for Halloween

We are finally in September. Not that I have cooler temperatures, but at least I know they will be here soon (hopefully).  In between all my regular stuff, I have a Halloween to-do list.

Festus gets in the way, again.

Festus gets in the way, again.

Halloween To-do List

Insert spooky music here, please.

  1. Finish my costume. Costume is an over-statement. It’s actually a fancy apron. I didn’t get to choose my costume this year. My hubby did. He wants to be Uncle Sam so he wants me to be Betsey Ross. I said no, too frumpy. I compromised and made a cool apron in red, white, and blue. I still have to make a fascinator and fingerless gloves.  Too bad I’d get in trouble for giving out firecrackers instead of candy. I’m also going by the name Auntie Liberty!
  2. Help my husband make his costume. Yes, you read that right. My honey is making his own costume. (With lots of help from me!) He’s finished the vest and tie. Now, he’s working on the pants. I’ve never made pants with a fly before. And he’s 6’4. They don’t make patterns for people who are that tall. Everything has to be altered before hand. Sigh! I was able to find 6 yards of red and white striped fabric.
  3. Possibly make a Buttercup costume for daughter #2. That’s Buttercup from the Princess Bride not the Powder Puff Girls or is it Power Puff.  She’s 12 and grows several inches a year. I’ve put this costume off because I don’t want to spend that much time making it and then she only wear it once. It has close to 5 yards of fabric.
  4. Plan a costume birthday party for Daughter #1. She’s an October baby and has never had a costume party. Now that she’s in the 8th grade, she’s the perfect age for one. She’s going as Sherlock! I don’t know who’s more excited, me or her. She did tell me I couldn’t play my music. Bwaahaha. We shall see about that.

I think that wraps it up. I spent this weekend decorating the house. There’s a bit of yard work that needs to be done, but that’s not my department 🙂

I do love making costumes. They are more fun than real clothes and everyone is impressed regardless of how they turn out. While working on my costume, I came across Angela Clayton on Youtube. She’s only 18! I want to be her when I grow up. Check out her website.

What are your Halloween plans?




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