Fall Traditions, part 1

I love fall for many reasons. Cooler weather being the main reason, one I’m still waiting on. The other is all of the odd ball traditions that come with it.


Growing up in a small town, Homecoming was a town-wide event. Everyone got into the act. We had the traditional game and dance as well as a parade. But my favorite. The one I miss the most, because apparently, peeps in the big city don’t do it, is rolling! You heard me right. I miss toilet paper rolling the neighbors yard. Or even just the site of it.  I’m talking large scale, super efficient rolling. Enough white paper to give the illusion of a heavy snow fall.

Now, my mom sent me this picture. It’s not a prize worthy roll, but it’s okay. It gives you the idea of what is coming the closer they get to homecoming.


That really brings back memories!


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