GoodReads Challenges

Earlier, I mentioned I was participating in a few reading challenges. Here is the breakdown.

The Autumn Challenge runs from Sept 22 to Dec 21. I lifted this from the site:

This is a “spell-it-out” challenge, where you will spell out a word (or words) using one of two options:
1. Use only the first word of a title. (The words “the”, “and” “a” and “an” do not count.)
2. Use an author’s first or last name.

I am spelling out:

B-L-A-C-K  C-A-T  G-H-O-S-T

Example: “B” is Bundle of Trouble by Diana Orgain (I think!)

“L” is for Leighann Dobbs, Killer Cupcakes

I thought of listing all the books I planned on reading for this, but I didn’t want to Jinx it! I have a list of 13 books to read for this challenge. I have plenty of time ;D As I read books I will include them in the end of the month TBR final post.

My lovely black cat.

My lovely black cat.

The October Mini Challenge is a bit different. It is only for October and deals with themes and book covers. Kind of like a scavenger hunt. From the site:

1. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month — Read a book with mostly pink in the cover.

2. October 2 is Name Your Car Day — Read a book that features some sort of vehicle (car, truck, snowmobile, etc.; toy or real) on the cover.

3. October 12 is Cookbook Launch Day — Read a book that features cooking or some sort of eating establishment (café, diner, food truck, restaurant, etc).

4. October 21 is Count Your Buttons Day — Read a book featuring buttons or other sewing paraphernalia on the cover.

5. October 28 is Frankenstein Friday, October 29 is National Frankenstein Day, October 30 is Mischief Night, and October 31 is Halloween and Carve a Pumpkin Day — Read a book set at Halloween, or that features a pumpkin, witch or a monster on the cover.

My October reading list covers all of these except #4. I don’t have a book with sewing on the cover. I’ll have to find one at the library or used book store.

Feel free to read along.  You can find me here on GoodReads

Happy Reading


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