Fantastic Creatures Anthology

My new release is part of an anthology- Fantastic Creatures !

I’m terribly excited.The release date is set for November 17th. Yikes! The book is by the Fellowship of Fantasy, an amazing group of fantasy writers. If you would like to help  with the media blitz click here. This link takes you to a fun google doc that says:

Sign up for our November 17 release blitz! “Fantastic Creatures” is an anthology put together by the Fellowship of Fantasy. Each story features a different beast from myth, folk lore, or urban legend. You’ll see everything from mermaids and kraken to werejaguars and an adorable tree octopus! Find out more here:

I feel like I should give you a teaser or something…my story involves a lake monster.


Sorry, wrong monster. If you can help with the blitz that’s awesome. If not, stop by for the scavenger hunt/blog hop. I will be epic.





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