Where did fall go?

Halloween is tomorrow. My little goblins are excited for trick-or-treating. My hubby is sick today. I hope he is well to go tomorrow night. He’s spent the last few months making his costume and I would hate for him not to wear it. Fall has left us and summer has returned. Bummer.


My daughter is ready for Christmas, she is begging to put the tree up. I still have Halloween decorations up and she’s ready for Christmas 🙂 She takes after me.  I didn’t make as much progress as I had hoped this week. I was distracted with sewing and getting ready for the release of Fantastic Creatures. So let’s get on with the goals.


Round 4 will run until December 22. The group now uses Facebook to check in. Be sure to pop over there and see how the rest of the group is doing. You can find my full post of goals here. I am listing the weekly goals.

Red is a fail.

Blue means I’ve made progress. A strikethrough means it’s completed.

  • Read 4 books a month. I read 9  so far.
  • Exercise 3 days a week. Exercise on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Only 1 day this week.
  • Make a list of all the writing projects I have.
  • Make a daily schedule using weekly goals. I like to say my mental schedule is enough…
  • Limit my coke intake to 1 a week. Nope, 3.
  • Prepare my submission for critique group.
  • Keep up with critique group.  
  • Participate in 3 meme’s.
  • Edit Stella. 
  • Finish plotting my NaNoWriMo project. I have a few cards worked out. I’m not through with it. Still trying to plot it out. I have about a dozen cards and the main characters sketched out.
  • critique 1 piece for group
    not at all
  • finish set 3 edits for DITW
    not at all
  • Brainstorm ideas for a blog hop for my new release
    I did work on this. I have a rough draft for the post. It needs fine tuning.


Goals for this week

  • Exercise 3 days a week
  • Read 1 book
  • Exercise 3 days this week
  • Sort out a schedule.
    This is really important. NaNoWriMo starts Tuesday and I still have other projects to work on as well. I’ve pre-ordered my “winner” T-shirt 😉 It would be a shame not to reach 50,000 words. But in honesty, if I don’t but do complete the edits for DITW– I’m okay with that.
  • Write 10,000 words for NaNoWriMo! Yikes….
  • Participate in 3 meme’s
  • critique 1 piece for group
  • finish set 3 edits for DITW
  • Go wide with Missing Children.

That’s a lot to do. I’m starting to have second thoughts about NaNo, but I love participating in this event.

How did you do this week?



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