Week 1- 2017 Goals


2017 week 1

I am still working on scheduling, trying to work everything into my week. I’ve had a little success and an epic fail. Since I’m not “officially” doing Row80, I created this cute little icon. I think it fits. Goals have a habit of feeling like a monster chasing me at night šŸ˜‰

I will attempt to check-in once a week.

  • Write 200,000 words. My WIP, Seams to Die For, is a cozy I started for NaNoWriMo last November. I really like the story so I work on it first thing most mornings after I return from work. It should finish at around 50,000. This week I have written 2,401 words.
  • Edit 600 pages. After I write for an hour or so I edit. Some days I only get through two pages and other days I manage six or more. It just depends. This week I edited 18 pages. Yes, I am terribly happy about that.
  • Walk 2,600,000 steps. Exercise is my kryptonite. I want to exercise more and be healthier, but getting started is soooo hard. I used this week to measure my average steps. I didn’t add anything new. I am going for a walk today šŸ™‚ Unfortunetly, the pedometer I bought is not terribly accurate. At one point it was counting rocks in my lazy-girl chair. Ā  Over four days I have accumulated 31,888 steps.
  • Read 80 books. As usual this is my best goal. I have read 2 books: Emotion Amplifiers and The Negative Trait Thesaurus both by Angela Ackerman. I am still reading Paris by Edward Rutherford, I’m about halfway through it. I might reward myself with French Macaroons when I finish.
  • Find the shipwreck at Ft. Morgan. This is a goal for summer so, check back later.
  • Complete devotional. Epic fail. It’s not that I don’t have time to read it I do. But once I get behind it’s hard to pick it back up. I don’t know If I should skip ahead to today and ignore the ones I miss or what. ;(

On a sad note, my critique group is having scheduling problems. Hopefully, they will soon be resolved. I love critique group.

How is your week going?


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