King Cake and Candy Hearts

This week has been chaotic. I wasn’t as successful this week. My birthday was Tuesday and then Valentines was yesterday. This year my baby girl was given chocolate by a boy at school. I am not ready for this! She is too young.  Sigh.

The good think about this week is I worked on my goals each day. I didn’t make huge leaps but I worked on them and that’s what counts. Tomorrow night The Polka Dots have their Mardi Gras parade. I think we will go. Which is good. I know a girl on the float. If I make a sign with her name, hopefully, she will reward us with treats.

A note on my WIP. I started a new cozy for NaNoWriMo, but didn’t finish it. I’m working on it now. This one centers around a seamstress. Currently, my research includes Youtube videos on alterations and making a pair of Mardi Gras PJ bottoms 🙂 I think I’ve had too much coffee.

www-ckrich-com2017 Goals for Row80

Red means I did not reach my goal.

Blue means I made steady progress or reached my goal.

  • Write 200,000 words. This week I wrote 3,304 words. I’m making a weekly goal of 5,000 words to help reach my yearly goal. I don’t write on the weekends. Too much activity with teenagers. I didn’t reach that goal this week but I did work on it. That gives me 5,705 words written this year.
  • Edit 600 pages. I finished the edits of Stella. She is ready for critique group. I edited 20 pages this week. That brings the yearly total to 247/600 pages.
  • Walk 2,600,000 steps.
    It looks like I reached my goal! Unless I added wrong. Which is totally possible, don’t tell me if I did. I walked 5.3 miles this week a total of 58,557 steps! 218,259 /2.6 million.  My goal is 50,000 steps a week. Shocking. The miles walked is above what I normally do and is included in my step count. I did take the young ones shopping. That took forever.
  • Read 80 books. I think I’ve read 4 books this month 🙂 Which is my usual goal.I just started reading The Hidden Oracle: The Trials of Apollo #1 by Rick Riordan. Funny as always.  I’m not sleeping well, so I’m reading at night more. I finished A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness. I loved it. I want to read more of his books. I also finished a short book. I think it’s a middle grade book, not sure. The Mardi Gras Chase: True Girls Book 1 by Maggie M. Larche. I was surprised at how much I liked this book. It reads like a cozy not so much like a kid book. Bonus points for being set in Mobile (my hometown) and reflecting the actual city. Highly recommend it. Completed 10/80 books this year.
  • Find the shipwreck at Ft. Morgan. This is a goal for summer so, check back later.

There you go. Not too bad of a week. Any progress is good. Or as Dory says, “Just keep swimming.”

How did your week go?



9 thoughts on “King Cake and Candy Hearts

  1. Looks like a lovely birthday week! I’m doing well enough – I’m breathing down the neck of one goal, getting closer with a couple others, and am making solid progress on several more. I’m happy with that, at this point.

    I’ll be a little slower the next two days, as i have plans with family members both days, and it’s my Accomplice’s weekend. Saturday will be a more focused writing/hometending day.


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