Local Authors

Until recently most books I’ve read were found at the library or mainstream bookstore. Translation, the books are traditionally published. Usually.


Read Local

Since I joined the local writers guild, I’ve had the pleasure of reading local authors. I’ve discovered I love local writers. I love books and stories set in and around Mobile. Some writers can write about a location having never visited the area or lived there. Others…can’t. They try but fail.

Cities like New Orleans have a myth and mystic all their own. A writer has to be careful not to fall into cliche or melodrama when depicting the city. But what about the smaller cities and towns? They too can play a part in a book. It’s easier to change/alter the city to fit the needs of a story but beware. Alter it too much and you run the risk of angering the locals.

There’s a certain thrill to read a story when you’ve walked the same streets or stared at the same horizon. I feel all warm inside seeing my city portrayed on the page, digital or paper.

Not all of these books, by local writers, are set in Mobile. Many are fantasy and take place in created realms while others occur in different states. But my fascination is there, knowing the writer’s local. Yet, I prefer those set in the city of Mobile.

Mobile is a quirky city rich in history, controversy, and strange festivals. There’s plenty here for a writer to dive into. Most of my stories are set within the boundaries of Mobile County .

This year I challenge you- find a book by a local author and read it. Where ever you live there’s a writer. Look up the local writers guild or indie bookstore, they can point you in the right direction.

What book will you read?


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