2017 Row80 #7

Thank you for all the birthday wishes šŸ™‚ It was nice to recieve them. Just proves Row80 is awesome.

Mardi Gras has descended on Mobile. Therefore, everything has come to a screeching halt. It’s usually this point in the year when resolutions are tossed out the window in favor of moon pies and king cake. I’ve had more than my fill of the latter šŸ™‚ My goals took a hit this week.

If you are interested in playing along with Row80 click here. “Row80 is the Writing Challenge that knows you have a life.” Be sure to leave an encouraging word for the other rowers.

2017 Goals for Row80

www-ckrich-comRed means I did not reach my goal.

Blue means I made steady progress or reached my goal.

At the end of this round (March 22) I will reevaluate my goals and add new ones.

  • Write 200,000 words. This week I wrote 2,363 words. Iā€™m making a weekly goal of 5,000 words to help reach my yearly goal. That total was all from yesterday. It rained all day, so I worked on my WIP. That gives me 8,068 words written this year.
  • Edit 600 pages.Ā  No new progress. I am reading Camouflaged, making notes as I go. That’s the working title. I need a better one. When I finish this read through I can start edits. The yearly total is 247/600 pages.
  • Walk 2,600,000 steps.
    I walked 2.3 miles this week a total of 44,453 steps for the week and 262,712 /2.6 million for the year.Ā  My goal is 50,000 steps a week. So close. I chased down wild moon pies this weekend and still didn’t reach my goal. I must say I was lazy. A little prideful over making my goal last week. See where pride gets you šŸ˜¦ But on a happy note, my pants are not as tight!
  • Read 80 books. I finished The Hidden Oracle: The Trials of Apollo #1 by Rick Riordan. Sigh. I was very dissappointed, for many resaons. It didn’t live up to the previous books. I’ll leave it at that.Ā  I also finished The Mystery of Wragg Swamp by Jerrye Sumrall. This was another local author. It was a quick, middle grade read. I just started reading The English Spy by Daniel Silva. This is #15 in the series but the first for me. So far so good. Very smart book. I hope to finish it before the end of the month.Completed 12/80 books this year.
  • Find the shipwreck at Ft. Morgan. This is a goal for summer so, check back later.

Time to get back on track.

How did your week go?


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