Weeki Wachee Springs

I promise I did not make-up that name! Click here for proof.

You go to Weeki Wachee for two reasons:

  1. the beautiful clear spring (20 feet deep in areas)
  2. live mermaids!


That’s right– live mermaids. Weeki Wachee has had an unwater theater featuring a live mermaid show since the 40s. It is now a state park. Which means it’s very affordable and fills up quick. Get there before the doors open.

Weeki Wachee Springs has been at the top 10 of my bucket list for ages. I was more excited than my girls! Yes, I had my picture taken with a mermaid 🙂

But it’s more than that. Inside the very vintage park, there is a swimming area with slides, a lazy river, and an animal education area. Let’s not forget about the free range peacocks! A useless tip: when you swim underwater in the swimming area if there is a mermaid show going on you can hear the music 😉 That was cool. In winter, manatee’s swim at Weeki Wachee and have been known to make an appearance during the shows. We saw a turtle trying to push a mermaid out of the way!

If you swim, you know how hard it is to stay submerged. Your body is buoyant. These mermaids never popped up. They were able to stay perpendicular to the floor of the spring. How do they do that?

We had a great day. Spent the entire day in the sun and playing in the chilly 73* water.It was awesome. I leave you with a peacock. -CK



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