All That Jazz

Center A trumpet playing gorilla.

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. I’m still working through wrist issues. I’m finished with physical therapy and no longer have limitations on activities. I’m hoping to get back on schedule with my writing.

While I was recovering, my hubby and I watched the 10 part series Jazz by Ken Burns. That’s two hours per episode- it took a while to finish but was well worth the time.

I love Jazz. I don’t know when or where that love came form. Growing up with day trips to New Orleans, Jazz was always there. Every winter, Jazz bands played at Mardi Gras in downtown Mobile. Once in high school a boy took me to the Saenger Theater to see/hear Dizzy Gillespie play. My hubby plays the trumpet. Jazz has always surrounded me.

The documentary fascinated me. Granted the finer points of music composition and jargon was beyond me, but the music was infectious. Louis Armstrong was heavily featured (of course) but Ella Fitzgerald was not (so sad).

A few highlights:

  • Louis Armstrong is considered one of the founding fathers of jazz.
  • Jazz is a truly American musical form, New Orleans.
  • Jazz can be divided into many categories: Swing, Dixie, Be-Bop, Fusion, Avant Garde …
  • Jazz changes with the times and reflects current events.
  • Like other music forms some of the most famous musicians died from drugs.

If you love music give the series a try.

Bear with me, my spell check is not working.




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