Top 5 Tuesday- Openings

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Dust Tracks on a RoadLike the dead-seeming, cold rocks, I have memories within that came out of the material that went to make me. Time and place have had their way.

-Zora Neale Hurston


I know Their Eyes Were Watching God is Hurston’s most famous book. But this is mine. This autobiography is rich and candid. By far my favorite book by Hurston.

The Untidy PilgrimDown in Mobile they’re all crazy, because the Gulf Coast is the kingdom of monkeys, the land of clowns, ghosts and musicians, and Mobile is sweet lunacy’s county seat. I can tell you that’s the truth. I know.

-Eugene Walter


This small novel was written by Mobile’s favorite son, Eugene Walter. It’s a quirky tale that sheds light on Mobile. That opening sentence is also written on his tombstone, if I’m not mistaken and explains a lot about my city.

Disappearing Nightly (Esther Diamond, #1)I’m not a heroine; I just play heroines. Also psychotics, orphans, hookers, housewives, and–on one memorable occasion–a singing rutabaga.

-Laura Resnick



The tone of the entire series is evident in the opening sentence of the first book. Lots of surprises and laughs.

After MeWhen I heard the car doors unlock at the first red light I came to, I knew I’d made a fatal mistake.

-Joyce Scarbrough



As a mother the opening of this YA novel is my worst nightmare for my daughters.


Incineration (The Incubation Trilogy Bo…Prison is no place to spend your seventeenth birthday.

-Laura DiSilverio




An opening sentence should have a hook. Soemthing to pull the reader in, to push them to read the novel. Of the bat, I wanted to know why she was in prison and what was going on. I should warn you, this is book 2 in the series.

What is your favorite opening lines?


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