Top 5 Tuesday- That Trope Has Got to Go

Top 5 Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Bionic Book Worm. Click here for the October topics.

Last week I shared my favorite tropes. This week are my most hated (or least favorite). I’ve had this post ready since Sunday, but I saved it as a draft instead of publishing it. Sorry.

Tropes that have to go!

  1. Love triangles. Gross. Gag. I just read a book centering around a woman who had not 2 but 3 men who wanted to marry her. And get this- they were all friends. Please.  Not only is it unrealistic but it’s annoying. She could not make up her mind and the men just happily waited to be chosen. Yuk.

Double Fudge Brownie Murder by Joanne Fluke

2.  Love that bad boy who treats me bad. Get over it. This is not only a cliche it’s also just bad… Why push the notion that women only like men who mistreat them? That’s crazy. I admit the bad boy (Rebel without a cause) can be sexy. But that is it.  A quick word about Twilight– this book takes the bad boy relationship to the next level. This one truly just wants to kill you by draining you of your blood. Which leads me to #3…

Twilight (Twilight, #1)

3. Weak female characters who have to be rescued. Again- Twilight. Really Bella. Trouble follows. Life threatened. Needs a man to rescue her. Weak. Weak. Weak. Okay, no more picking on Twilight.

4. The Girl gets the guy. Maybe it’s my age but I no longer like my endings tied in a neat bow. Why does the book only end after the main character and her love interest finally become a couple? Life isn’t like that. It’s messy. Sometimes things go unresolved. I’m okay with that.


5. The Stupid Police Department. I read a lot of mysteries. In some, the local police department is portrayed as Gomer Pyle. Really? Their incompetence leads to a nosy neighbor solving the crime.  Or the cop is angry and can’t listen to the little people around them. Enough.

Bread of the Dead (Santa Fe Cafe Mystery, #1)

Some of these books listed were good reads. One I even loved (Geekerella) but the trope is worn out and needs to go.

What’s one of your least favorite tropes?


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