Mother-Daughter Reading Challenge 2019

It’s a little late but here is the:

Mother-Daughter Reading Challenge 2019

  1. Read a BIG book.
  2. Read a book with illustrations.
  3. A historical fiction.
  4. A non-fiction of your choice.
  5. A book set in a state you want to visit.
  6. A book set in a different country.
  7. A book written by a an author different, in some way, from you.
  8. Read a classic.
  9. Read a biography or autobiography.
  10. A book made into a movie.
  11. A book published in the decade you were born.
  12. A book with a character that has a job that interests you.
  13. Read a graphic or manga novel.
  14. Pick a book based on the cover.
  15. Read a banned book.
  16. Read a book you own but have never read.
  17. Read a book someone gave you.
  18. Read a book published in 2019.
  19. Read the next book in a series.
  20. Reread a favorite.
  21. A book nominated for a award but didn’t win.
  22. Read a book with a mythical creature.
  23. Read a book set on a different continent.


As always, this challenge is open to interpretation. You can read a book for each one or use a single book for more than one entry. It’s up to you. My goal is to read more and enjoy what I read.

Don’t stress, enjoy the read.


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