Three Month Goal Final

We are at the end of Round 1 in #Row80 . It’s also 3 months into the year. Time to see how successful I was before I take a week to reevaluate my goals and schedule.

Original Goals:

  • Write 200,000 words.
  • Edit 600 pages.
  • Walk 2,600,000 steps.
  • Read 80 books

As expected I did great on half of them and bottomed out on the others. BUT I did work on them all. So that counts for something. I did a little math to find where I should be by the end of March. Granted there are two weeks left, but it’s easy to see if I’m on track or not.

Where I should be/ Where I am:

  • Write50,000 words / wrote 10,451 words.  Fail! That hurt. I struggled with inspiration and dedication this round. Hopefully, with a little planning, I can do better next round.
  • Edit 150 pages/ edited 267 pages. Success! I made this a priority in order to search for agents and publishing opportunities.
  • Walk 650,000 steps/ walked 413,412 steps. Fail sort-of. I didn’t meet my goal but I did better than I expected. I feel better and I’m sleeping better. All good things.
  • Read 20 books/ read 19 books. Success! According to Goodreads I’m I’m two books ahead so I’m going with that. And let’s be real, by the time March is over I will probably have read 2 more books.

Looks like I’m barely keeping up with the goal monster. Better luck next time 🙂

How did you do this round?


Bizarro Weather

Mobile lies just north of the Gulf of Mexico on the mouth of Mobile Bay. Our winters are usually mild but tend to have chilly February’s. If it snows it’s in February. Not this year. This year we had three days of frigid weather a week after Christmas before going back to 70s and 80s.  Until today. Today I woke to 35*. Dang! It’s cold outside. It’ll be colder tomorrow. The weather this year is all messed up.

I have had a more productive week. I think I touched on all of my goals. So that’s nice. Of course with the cold weather all I want to do is curl up with a pot of tea and read. Or finish watching Death in Paradise. I am obsessed with this show 😉


“Row80 is the Writing Challenge that knows you have a life.” Be sure to leave an encouraging word for the other rowers. There is one week left of this round. Click here to read all about it.

Red means I did not reach my goal.

Blue means I made steady progress or reached my goal.

At the end of this round (March 22) I will reevaluate my goals and add new ones.

  • Write 200,000 words. I wrote 1,473 words this week. I didn’t meet my goal but I did write. I’ve had this ghost story in mind and I just started writing it. No preplanning. Total pantster on this one. At the moment my ghost has no name. I’m making a weekly goal of 5,000 words to help reach my yearly goal.  That gives me 10,451 words written this year.
  • Edit 600 pages.  I edited 10 pages of Camouflage. It’s a novella of around 25,000 words. The yearly total is 267/600 pages.
  • Walk 2,600,000 steps.
    I walked 4.5 miles this week a total of 40,885 steps for the week and 382,330 /2.6 million for the year.  That can’t be right. I exercised almost every day. I did Tai Chi two days.  My weekly goal is 50,000 steps. I need a better pedometer.
  • Read 80 books. I finished  If I Stay by Gayle Firman,  Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia, and The Ice Dragon by George R R Martin. Completed 17/80 books this year.
    I just made my summer reading list. Can’t wait for the mail to arrive 🙂
  • Find the shipwreck at Ft. Morgan. This is a goal for summer so, check back later.

The library just alerted me that I, Robot is in and waiting on me. I’ll have to run and get it before they change their minds.

How was your week?


Back on the #row80 Boat

Now that Row80 has a link, I’m back. I can’t explain why the link even matters, but it does. I was lost without it. Don’t you hate it when you put your Ipod on shuffle and you have to keep skipping Christmas music ;(  On with the goals.

www-ckrich-com 2017 Goals for Row80

  • Write 200,000 words. I did write a tiny bit yesterday. maybe 200 words or so. I stopped because it’s been so long since I worked on my WIP. I decided I should read what I already have. This morning I printed the pages out, intending to read them later today. Looking at the printed sheets, I need to adjust the settings for page setup. No clue how to do that in scrivener. 2,401 words written this year.
  • Edit 600 pages. I settled on a short fantasy story. I’ll pass this on to critique group in a few weeks. Since I just worked on a cozy, my next work for editing is one that might be called magic realism. Maybe. Not real sure of the genre. It has a cool twist at the end. That brings the yearly total to 227/600 pages.
  • Walk 2,600,000 steps.
    I’m making slow progress. I walked 6.3 miles this week. I also added 15 minutes of calisthenics. Not every day. I’m not crazy. I hate calisthenics. 159,702 /2.6 millionMy goal is 50,000 steps a week. I fell just shy of the mark with 45,422 steps.
  • Read 80 books. I finished Corroded by Carrie Dalby.  A wonderful YA read. I also finished reading Plot &Structure by James Scott Bell.  Another book I highly recommend. I wish I had read it years ago. I started A Monster Calls last night. Amazing so far. I stayed up way past my bedtime reading. Finished over half of the book already. Completed 8/80 books this year.
  • Find the shipwreck at Ft. Morgan. This is a goal for summer so, check back later.
  • Complete devotional.  I restarted this for February and I am on track. So far. Dropping. Don’t ask.

There you go. Not bad. Even though I didn’t meet two goals, I still made progress. Let’s face it. Any time I spend moving is a good thing. I think I need to memorize the opening dance sequence of Guardians of the Galaxy. No, I will not post it on Youtube when I’m done. I’m not breaking the internet.

How did your week go?





2017 Goal Check #4

2017 Goal Check #4

A return to #row80. The link is back 🙂 Click here to link.

Hard to believe it is February. January went by in a blur. I spend most of my time editing Dead in the Water. I hope to have something grand to say about it soon. Fingers crossed. I’m taking a few days off from most writing related chores to focus on cleaning my house.  My family has been very understanding as I ignored most everything while I edited. I might do a little writing and planning.


  • Write 200,000 words. On hold. I will pick this back up on the 6th.
  • Edit 600 pages. This week I edited 42 pages!  That brings the yearly total to 227/600 pages. I have several stories waiting in the wings. I just need to decide which to edit next. Novel or novella? Fantasy or Mystery? Tough decisions.
  • Walk 2,600,000 steps.
    I walked a puny 21,245 steps this week bringing the grand total to 114,280/2.6 million. I got a long way to go. After a month of just tracking my normal steps, it’s amazing I’m not heavier than I currently am. I’m a few steps shy of a slug. Not good. I am going for a walk in 15 minutes.:) My goal is 50,000 steps a week.
  • Read 80 books. I haven’t finished anything new since my last check-in. I’m reading Plot &Structure by James Scott Bell. I’m taking my time. As he suggests, this week I am working through the exercises on generating new ideas. Fun. Completed 6/80 books this year.
  • Find the shipwreck at Ft. Morgan. This is a goal for summer so, check back later.
  • Complete devotional.  I restarted this for February and I am on track. So far. 🙂

How did your week go?


2017 Weekly check #3

I don’t know about the rest of the country but the coast has experienced bizarre weather. The first week of January was frigid, lasted about 4 days. Then mild temperatures returned. Some days hit 80*. Now, it’s back to cold. Needless to say, everyone is sick. That’s my excuse for not doing as well as expected and why I’m late with my check-in.


  • Write 200,000 words. On hold until I finish edits. I can not do both.
  • Edit 600 pages. This week I edited 109 pages! I am 40 pages short of finishing my WIP. That brings the yearly total to 185/600 pages. That alone is worth dancing over.
  • Walk 2,600,000 steps. This week I have 93,035/2.6 million. Most days I forgot to take my pedometer. Not that I walked beyond what was necessary to live and work. I spent a lot of time curled up in my chair– sneezing.
  • Read 80 books. I finished reading Paris by Edward Rutherford. Always interesting to read one of his. I did find this one a bit harder to follow. He jumped around in time too much.  I finished book 8 in the Miss Fortune series: Fortune Hunter by Jana Deleon. I love her books. She recently released book 9. About an hour ago I finished reading In the Pleasure Groove by John Taylor.  Yes, that John Taylor. The co-founder of Duran Duran. I had a huge crush on him as a teen. While reading it I had to play each album in a loop. Followed by a walk down video lane with the help of Youtube. Completed 6/80.
  • Find the shipwreck at Ft. Morgan. This is a goal for summer so, check back later.
  • Complete devotional. Epic fail. I plan on restarting in February 🙂

Posting a bit of eye-candy for you:

How did your week go?





2016 A Year in Review



This year is a lot like the road in the photo, all over the place. It didn’t help that my goals were– vague.

My overall yearly goals:

1. self-publish my first mystery novel
2. read more
3. get healthy
4. build a newsletter

The only thing I accomplished was reading more. I read 88 books this year. I am still editing my novel. I do have a newsletter but it’s tiny. If I looked just at that, 2016 was a failure.

I disagree.

Reasons why 2016 was a good year:

  • Critique Group– I love my critique group. They taught me how to critique writing. The feedback makes me a better writer. I now have a better idea of where my strengths and weakness lie. Even the off topic discussions have helped me grow.
  • I published 3 stories-  Mystic Brew in February, Missing Children in April, and Mystery of Asgina Lake was published in Fantastic Creatures Anthology in November. That in itself makes the year a success.
  • The Mother-Daughter Reading Challenge– This was the first year for the Reading Challenge. My girls helped create the categories and read diligently throughout the year.  Not because I made them read, but because they wanted to complete the list. Cgirl was successful and read more books in 2016 than she had in the past. Zgirl fell two books shy but still read way more books than were on the list. As a group, we passed books back and forth and talked about the ones we loved and the ones that didn’t live up to our expectations. We bonded!
  • C-girl got her own room– Let’s face it, that was a major accomplishment.
  • Traced my roots in San Antonio– The family vacation allowed me to share family history with my girls in a way photos and documents never can.

Goals are a good thing but they are not the only thing. Life is messy, things change, you must be flexible to succeed or you run the risk of frustration and failure. I did not reach my goals, but I did have many accomplishments.

How did your year go?



Where did fall go?

Halloween is tomorrow. My little goblins are excited for trick-or-treating. My hubby is sick today. I hope he is well to go tomorrow night. He’s spent the last few months making his costume and I would hate for him not to wear it. Fall has left us and summer has returned. Bummer.


My daughter is ready for Christmas, she is begging to put the tree up. I still have Halloween decorations up and she’s ready for Christmas 🙂 She takes after me.  I didn’t make as much progress as I had hoped this week. I was distracted with sewing and getting ready for the release of Fantastic Creatures. So let’s get on with the goals.


Round 4 will run until December 22. The group now uses Facebook to check in. Be sure to pop over there and see how the rest of the group is doing. You can find my full post of goals here. I am listing the weekly goals.

Red is a fail.

Blue means I’ve made progress. A strikethrough means it’s completed.

  • Read 4 books a month. I read 9  so far.
  • Exercise 3 days a week. Exercise on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Only 1 day this week.
  • Make a list of all the writing projects I have.
  • Make a daily schedule using weekly goals. I like to say my mental schedule is enough…
  • Limit my coke intake to 1 a week. Nope, 3.
  • Prepare my submission for critique group.
  • Keep up with critique group.  
  • Participate in 3 meme’s.
  • Edit Stella. 
  • Finish plotting my NaNoWriMo project. I have a few cards worked out. I’m not through with it. Still trying to plot it out. I have about a dozen cards and the main characters sketched out.
  • critique 1 piece for group
    not at all
  • finish set 3 edits for DITW
    not at all
  • Brainstorm ideas for a blog hop for my new release
    I did work on this. I have a rough draft for the post. It needs fine tuning.


Goals for this week

  • Exercise 3 days a week
  • Read 1 book
  • Exercise 3 days this week
  • Sort out a schedule.
    This is really important. NaNoWriMo starts Tuesday and I still have other projects to work on as well. I’ve pre-ordered my “winner” T-shirt 😉 It would be a shame not to reach 50,000 words. But in honesty, if I don’t but do complete the edits for DITW– I’m okay with that.
  • Write 10,000 words for NaNoWriMo! Yikes….
  • Participate in 3 meme’s
  • critique 1 piece for group
  • finish set 3 edits for DITW
  • Go wide with Missing Children.

That’s a lot to do. I’m starting to have second thoughts about NaNo, but I love participating in this event.

How did you do this week?