2016 A Year in Review



This year is a lot like the road in the photo, all over the place. It didn’t help that my goals were– vague.

My overall yearly goals:

1. self-publish my first mystery novel
2. read more
3. get healthy
4. build a newsletter

The only thing I accomplished was reading more. I read 88 books this year. I am still editing my novel. I do have a newsletter but it’s tiny. If I looked just at that, 2016 was a failure.

I disagree.

Reasons why 2016 was a good year:

  • Critique Group– I love my critique group. They taught me how to critique writing. The feedback makes me a better writer. I now have a better idea of where my strengths and weakness lie. Even the off topic discussions have helped me grow.
  • I published 3 stories-  Mystic Brew in February, Missing Children in April, and Mystery of Asgina Lake was published in Fantastic Creatures Anthology in November. That in itself makes the year a success.
  • The Mother-Daughter Reading Challenge– This was the first year for the Reading Challenge. My girls helped create the categories and read diligently throughout the year.  Not because I made them read, but because they wanted to complete the list. Cgirl was successful and read more books in 2016 than she had in the past. Zgirl fell two books shy but still read way more books than were on the list. As a group, we passed books back and forth and talked about the ones we loved and the ones that didn’t live up to our expectations. We bonded!
  • C-girl got her own room– Let’s face it, that was a major accomplishment.
  • Traced my roots in San Antonio– The family vacation allowed me to share family history with my girls in a way photos and documents never can.

Goals are a good thing but they are not the only thing. Life is messy, things change, you must be flexible to succeed or you run the risk of frustration and failure. I did not reach my goals, but I did have many accomplishments.

How did your year go?