Self-promotion Fun

I have a self-published collection of short stories coming out soon. Unlike my first venture into self-publishing, I want to push this one a bit.

Tales of Christmas in the South by Caren Rich

It contains three short stories, a small quick read for Christmas.¬† Each story¬† has a different theme and tone. The first has a twilight zone feel and is light fantasy (previously unpublished). I’m not sure if that is a genre, but it fits. The second story is a bittersweet Christian story of love and loss. I know not everyone will be comfortable with a Christian view point so this is your warning. The third is the Fruitcake which was released last year. All three are part of the same series and this is the first time they will be together in one volume. I am planning the launch for October 1. That gives me plenty of time to finish the upload and write a few promotion pieces.

I am very nervous about asking for help in publicizing the release. If you can, I could use help with the following:

  1. Cover Reveal- a short post of the new release cover with a blurb and information on links.
  2. In-depth Release- a post on the new release with blurb and more information (your choice) on either the writer or one of the short stories.
  3. A Guest blog post of your choice
  4. Buy the book (only $0.99)
  5. Give an honest review of the book.

If you have any ideas for something different please let me know. Contact me at: ckrich812(at)gmail(dot)com