Princess Buttercup

I’ve had the Buttercup dress finished for a few weeks, but I just took decent pictures of it. I had planned to make her sister a flannel tunic today but decided against it due to lack of sleep. Never sew when you’re tired. Fabric is too expensive to mess up. I decided to play catch-up with a few writer things instead.

If you inhale deeply you can smell Cranberry Orange Scones cooking in the oven. I love cranberries and bought a monster-sized bag at Costco. Oh, the things I will bake. I wonder if cranberry sauce can be frozen?

On with the dress.




Isn’t she cute? It’s not a perfect fit. If you’ve never sewn before you are blissfully unaware at how bizarre clothing pattern sizes are. To give you an example: Buttercup wears a juniors 6 or 8. This pattern is a misses 18! Talk about causing body issues! I took it in in places and enlarged it in others to fit her athletic build. It should fit her for a year or two. After spending weeks making it, I told her she has to wear it once a week 🙂


This isn’t an exact copy of Buttercup, but the closest I can find. The one in the movie is more of a riding dress. Check it out here. Ok, it’s not much like it at all, but I had to work with patterns I could find. The important thing is Baby girl is happy. That’s all that really matters.

I will post a family picture of the entire krewe after Halloween.

What’s you costume?